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  1. It was a short, easy walk through a picture book. I loved the art and the voice acting but I backed a "traditional" adventure game. I think the problem is that the project grew too vast in scope, but there's an elephant in the room. Making the puzzles so easy was a deliberate decision which went in direct opposition to what the initial backers were promised. I backed a traditional point and click adventure game and, because Tim knew he'd be dependent on extra sales to finish it, we got a tablet game. Granted, it's a tablet game made by Tim Schafer so it's 90% better than most tablet games, but that's not what I backed. Tim was aware that people are likely to just look for the solution to puzzles on-line if they get too difficult, but I don't see that as a reason to make puzzles easier. A good puzzle is one that you CAN'T solve right away, and for those people who go straight to a guide when they can't continue, maybe that's just how they enjoy adventure games. Instead of giving people the freedom to choose when they want a hint everything in the game was simplified for the sake of those who would simply put it down and not pick it back up. The people who didn't play adventure games growing up and don't have the patience to think about a difficult problem are who this game is geared towards. For that reason I am very unsatisfied with the game. I'm not upset with Double Fine because I've seen all the decisions they made and why they made them, and the documentary was well worth $15, but I am very disappointed with the product. By tying the success of part 2 to external sales they're ensuring that part two will cater to those same people, and the old adventure fans might be left by the wayside once more.
  2. Thanks for your posts Obeyrn. I'm also completely on board with having gay couples in the game. You gave some good concrete reasons why they need to be implemented properly though.
  3. I don't think gay marriage is being shoehorned in and I don't think that Massive Chalice is striving to be politically correct either. What I think is that Brad and the team saw the potential to add in another layer of game play with the edition of gay couples, whether that be that means research or something else at this point, who knows. This is also a fantasy world, where the creators of the game can set whatever they so choose so it would be hard to say that they're dating the game. The fact that its fantasy gives them license to do whatever they want with it which is why fantasy is such a great genre. Labyrinth is a movie which also has a fantasy setting, and it's got David Bowie playing the main antagonist. It doesn't make it bad, but it definitely makes it dated to the 80s to have a pop singer as your villain. I don't think it's necessarily bad to be dated, I just strive in all of my own writing to deal with universal things. Love is universal, marriage is not.
  4. I'm not responding to these directly any more, just posting this. As many times as it takes: Hey I said I understand that Brad likes the idea. That doesn't mean I have to. If they can make it fit thematically with the setting then I'm fine with that. I think it just kind of came out of left field for me. The fact that Brad didn't think about it from the get go either isn't surprising at all to me. It's not a natural extension of the original premise because same sex marriage can't figure prominently in fostering bloodlines and it doesn't figure prominently in western history (not well versed enough in eastern history to talk about it).
  5. The addition of same sex marriages makes me upset. I'm not bigoted and in real life I absolutely support same sex marriage. I'm upset by its inclusion in this game because same sex 'marriage' specifically is a solely modern idea. In ancient Greece even though love between two men was considered more noble than love between a man and a woman they never married men. Marriage in the ancient world still cemented bonds between families because of the children which were conceived through those marriages. You can adopt without being married. It's cheap to shoehorn gay marriage in to a game about bloodlines just because it's a hot topic right now. I would go so far as to say that its comparable to newer additions of Huckleberry Finn having the word Nigger replaced with Slave to be more 'politically correct'. There's a line that should be drawn in any creative endeavour beyond which no pressure from the progressive nor the regressive sides of society should be heeded. I accept that Brad likes the idea but, personally, I don't think it makes the game better. Include love between same sex couples as a factor, that was a common reality. I view the inclusion of Marriage, however, as immersion-breaking at the cost of possibly dating the game.
  6. I suggested The Other Side. I think it has a mysterious ring to it while still representing the dichotomy which seems to be the central theme.
  7. Yeah, sorry, I'm not trying to censor or silence you, I just don't like to see people looking down on particular types of animation. I've just seen so many instances of animators obsessing over beautiful animation technique and still making something rubbish, while somebody using a less prestigious technique makes something fantastic. I do think that there is a bit of traditional animation snobbery going on which, to be honest, seems to me to be a little bit insulting to those animators who prefer this technique in certain circumstances and not simply because it is more efficient. If Double Fine can make it work then there is obviously nothing wrong with skeletal animation. I think the issue is that the example which was shown is so basic that it sets off everyone's 'cheap flash game' sensors. That, coupled with the fact that Double Fine said they were doing it for cost reasons rather than stylistic ones makes it easy to jump to conclusions about the final product. I'm not worried about the over all quality of the game, but I do agree that Double Fine has yet to win me over to the advantages of skeletal animation. Even if it's to cut costs, the finished product should have an art style that feels like the best choice for the game. I'm still open to the possibility that I'll see the light of course. When they start using more polished animations maybe we'll all wonder how we could have been so blind, but that's what you get when you talk about the art style of a game so early in development.
  8. I think this has been said already but this video highlights how useful creative failure dialogue can be. When you try to use an object where it doesn't go, you should hear some dialogue that's relevant to your idea. Tim touched on it when he tried to use the hamster in the microwave. It's always interesting to hear what issues a developer has with their own game.
  9. I haven't read everything in the thread so I may be repeating some ideas: Octopus metropolus A village of outcast necromancers who weren't evil enough Chessboard Land A Lederhosen level The hidden planet The desolate north in permanent twilight The aftermath of an Awesome Bomb. A land made entirely of people's dreams (and nightmares) Video Game level Swamp desert level Swamp dessert level!
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