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  1. If that is the final design of Sacrifice Girl than I am very much looking forward to seeing her fleshed out some more in the finished game. I really like the color choice of making her darker skinned. Makes for a unique heroine to play. Great application game by Marius. So much fun and a neat way to beg for a job.
  2. Now we're really starting to see the game take shape. That's what I've been waiting for these last few months, that you guys are heading into production proper. Can't wait to see more of what's to come.
  3. I really like the last update piece with how the girl "reacts" to her dress. Gives off a lot of great character.
  4. Fantastic episode. Love you really get a sense of all involved in the art jame from who they are to how they go about with their creativity individually and collectively. Some of the work seen so far is beautiful.
  5. Brave was, as expected, a wonderful movie. One of the fun moments from the showing I went to is that, there was certainly a lot of laughs, but the biggest laughs came from a male adult. Goes to show that, no matter the subject, Pixar makes films that will appeal to all ages. I also noticed that the film was that Steve Purcell is listed as co-director (essentially one-step down from full director). He even wrote one of the illustrated story books related to the film.
  6. Very interesting. I like the faded effect being played with for the objects that are too close to view. I do agree that it all looks a little too 3D, but then this is just an early run, so I will wait patiently as it gets closer to being realized.
  7. I know I'm late on the jump, but I do loooooooove the zoom effect when the character is walking towards something in the distance. I cannot wait to see it in dramatic use.
  8. Wonderful first episode. Looking forward to the next episode and even more excited when I finally get the blu-ray of the full documentary.
  9. I recall reading the Starship Titanic novel written by Monty Python alumni Terry Jones (Douglas Adams jokingly claimed that Jones insisted on writing the novel in the nude). It had a unique humor that was different from either men and made it quite the fun read.
  10. Name: Lord Akiyama (though my friends call me Dan for some reason) Age: That irrelevant (even though it's really 28) Location: The Edge of Sanity (aka Chula Vista, CA) I am the brother of an employee at Pipeworks. I myself am a web designer for a local-based spa dealership. Have been a long time video game fan and the point-and-click adventure genre was one that I grew up on. And that's all I'm willing to say about myself at the moment.
  11. I am backer because I adore the games made by Tim Schafer and the good folks at Double Fine. To help develop one of their games is one of the great honors I could possibly be part of.
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