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  1. Currently says only 1 download. (Uk) I'm going to be number 2 when it finishes? How can this be?
  2. Dear Leader is best leader!

    One of the pitches mentioned going to space as a possible endgame. I guess that won't need much exaggeration to be a propaganda coup. On the improbable side of things - I'd like my leader to have invented the national animal. Perhaps a cross between a house-cat and jaguar. A Moguar. Yes. And taught it to play fetch. In a swimming pool.
  3. Future?

    Is there a future for The White Birch? I can't be the only one that wanted to see it turn into a full game.
  4. Bug report

    Have you tried when running the game in windowed mode? My touchscreen laptop did the same thing in win8 .It's a known bug they are going to fix.
  5. Never really. I just had the feeling there could be one from what was presented in the scene. I was so convinced that I tried to steal the whistle pipe he was using, thought it might be one of those timing puzzles like with the knife. Wasn't sure what you'd swap it out for, was going to try the art object from the lumberjack's house. But no. They suddenly sing in tune when the monster arrives. Still not sure how I triggered that happening. Did you notice they only sing part of the song in tune, compared to the length of the song that wasn't in tune.. Perhaps the puzzle was to get a parrot from meriloft to copy someone singing it correctly.. perhaps that old lady from bunting? The 'in tune' version had a slightly operatic style to it that is more common in old people singing. The parrot would naturally only sing a few short lines over and over.
  6. Car'l. No-one else even mentions her, but she's my favourite so far. She reminds me of Aunt Hilda from Sabrina the teenage witch. Not sure if it's the voice or the attitude. Anyway, I hope she escapes and gets to make something that isn't shoes.
  7. Touchscreen only in Window Mode

    Same here - Acer aspire V5-122p. Touchpad works fine in either, touchscreen only in windowed mode. windows 8. If I move my finger on the screen very slowly, in fullscreen mode, the cursor jumps through 22 places horizontally or 8 positions vertically . The movement is relative to where I first put my finger on my screen, not the screen itself.
  8. Woohoo! The best part of DFA for me was always going to be the writing. The AF prototypes didn't have loads of that (though the spaceface feeds and intro to black lake were great, they weren't witty adventure game dialog). So I now see DFA as a complement to the other potential projects in the pipeline. I feel so much more engaged with Double Fine after AF. I also think 2PP have changed after doing the AF videos, and I'm curious to see how that comes through in the DFA videos. I'm also looking forward to the AF wrap-up video if/when that happens.
  9. Bug or Feature?

    You can get into the space at the top of the map with the castle in by entering the castle and leaving. Press up as soon as you leave and you can walk around the upper ramparts. Haven't found any eater eggs or solutions there. Have you? Bug or feature?
  10. In addition to the above (press d) - It's been useful for me to make connecting corridors at least 2 or 3 wide - sometimes the game won't let you make a door to a corridor because the adjacent walls are full of corners.
  11. Great thread idea. Can someone post a screenshot of a well-balanced base? EDIT - The instructions.pdf did not make the initial too-early release. It makes the game a lot clearer! If you don't have it just download again.
  12. Spacebase Prototype Feedback

    Ok, I disagree, I really liked the music. But unlike the other guys posting here, the main flaw for me was working out what I was supposed to do. I tried to rescue folks in other bases and everyone just died all the time. EDIT: I downloaded a version without the instructions.pdf file. This makes it much clearer how the game works and what to do. Thanks Below is the original comment. Clearer goals, and more obvious feedback is what I would like. Perhaps aggregate the social media posts into a constant feed, and add +1s or likes or Me2s to indicate how many others feel the same? Suggest First: "hey guys, my favourite band is playing at the bar tonight" (15 likes) -> Check size of bar, only 9 tiles -> enlarge Then: "Aw man, I'm coming down with something" (9 +1s) -> oops, need to build an infirmary -> dang out of matter Right! next time I'll remember to build a hospital...
  13. Feedback thread

    Was not excited by the idea of 'zelda' graphics. Thought it looked rubbish from the videos. Realised how wrong I was when it started it up for the first time. So pretty!
  14. I can't find the Book!

    Yes - I'm not sure how to do spoilers here so I'll PM you Did you get to the library OK?
  15. Bug or Feature?

    When I try to go to the hall of benefactors I get a message saying the file win/Munged/Rooms/Dungeon/CreditsRoom.lu is missing. I've checked the folder, and it is indeed missing - but I haven't managed to do anything with the books yet. I picked up two, perhaps that was wrong? Perhaps the Genie deleted the CreditsRoom? Excited to find out what bugs/features you ladies and gentlemen have found. Also, it's great the way you can actually see how the game is structured in the lua files with the layout of the level maps, and the tiles! EDIT: OK - renaming a different room to CreditsRoom.lua doesn't let you go to that room when you go through the doorway. - You just get a different error. So it's definitely looking for a CreditsRoom.lua file with some particular fields in it. Either * The game creates the file when you solve a puzzle. * You have to decrypt \Data\scripts\rooms\dungeon\creditsroom.lua somehow * or it's missing from the distribution. It's not in the zip file as distributed. I really hope it's the first one. That would be super awesome - then people could hack a win to the game just by passing round a 'patch'. Oldschool! Either way, fun playing with the game so far!