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  1. Both parts are pretty different and you probably like one of them more than the other, so let's find out what most people think. For me it's Vella's part by far. I think the characters are the best thing about the game and there are just more on her side of the story. Her puzzles also seem a little more oldschool in that there are more objects on one screen, you carry items around longer and they seem to have a step more in their solution, which I like. The downside is potential backtracking, I guess, but I didn't encounter that. It's also longer, which might make it a little unfair. Shay's story is largely told through the ship, so it's a bigger cohesive environment. Fewer things on one screen, which makes it faster moving, though. He also brings more questions to the table, so act 2 might be his time to shine for me. I was surprised there was no thread like this yet. If there is, I apologise in advance.
  2. There is some harsh stuff about Daedalic in here, so just my 2 cents: - All posts on that jobs page of theirs mention compensation, which is actually unusual in Germany for many internships - Hamburg is one of the most expensive places in Germany, usually behind Munich. I guess San Francisco is still worse, but Hamburg is definitely not a cheap place to make anything - This whole thing about comparing budgets (especially the gameplay timing) is terrible. You should compare the value proposition, though.
  3. Sadly I "solved" it the same way and to be honest, I don't even know what I should have done to talk to him. Fall down another hole? I'm not sure. I'm an Adventure Time fan and would've really liked to talk to Pendleton's character.
  4. Hello, I'm having this pretty huge bug where I can't get out of. What happened? I'm loaded into the beginning of the boy's campain, standing on the bed. Not able to click on anything, not even the bottom menu. What did you do prior to this happening? I played through the entire boy part of the story. When it ended and showed the girl sitting at her tree (I have not played any of her story), I clicked on Save & Exit and went to the desktop. Now, every time I click "continue", said thing happens. How can it be repeated? Every time I load the game aka click on "Continue". Screenshot http://abload.de/img/2014-01-19_000011lk40.jpg
  5. I would be interested in the PayPal numbers, since we Germans usually don't have credit cards, as others have pointed out.
  6. Just watched it and liked it alot. I was so happy about what Tim said about Sword & Sworcery, because while I like that game for its visuals, music and tone, I think the actual game part, as in plain objectives to overcome, is lacking. To me, this style would've been a bad starting point. Also, glad to see Amanita design in there, I wonder what the team thought about Botanicula. edit: Yay, first post.
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