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  1. You see a map somewhere that shows the location of the boom controls relative to the airlock. I think maybe when you ask Marek about the boom controls? The game definitely points out that you need to go up. Personally i would remove all the really obvious dialogue hints where characters explain their "puzzle mechanic" before you find the need for that mechanic. e.g. Teleporter explaining in detail that your head won't go back to regular size if you don't go back through the same teleporter, lumberjack telling you he'll make you a stool before you need a stool, tree repeatedly telling you it's going to puke before you need to get tree sap.
  2. I'd bet money that the screen in the cloud colony where the maiden gives you her shoes had something else designed. You literally walk there, get her shoes by asking for them in a dialogue, and that's it! No way they designed an entire screen and an entire character to serve the purpose of giving a free item for a dialogue choice. I hope not, anyway!
  3. I get that, and I don't think making the game more mechanically complex is even necessary. Just the puzzles themselves. You don't need to make the logic more obscure, just add a few steps so the "trade" sequences are more complex. Instead of "i need wood for the lumberjack oh here is wood a few screens over" I'd prefer "i need wood for the lumberjack, ok there is wood here but it's unreachable, maybe if I had a raft I could paddle over there and get it, oh this guy has a raft but he won't give it to me, if i interact with this object he gets distracted for a second but if i steal the raft he calls me out on it, oh wait i can replace the raft with this similar looking object while he's distracted and now I can go through the sequence to get my stool". At the least they could have been less heavyhanded about the hints in the dialogue. For example that tree scene, it is way over the top how much the tree repeats the fact that he is going to be sick. I feel like someone in the playtesting couldn't figure out how to get the sap and so they just went overboard in adding hints to ensure there's no possible way anyone would get stuck. And I'm really confused on the items they just give to you. Think about the scene where you get the (smaller) cloud shoes. There's an entire screen there that they went to the trouble of designing, drawing etc, and an entire character that was designed drawn, animated, written, voiced over. And the only point of that scene is that you ask for her shoes and she just gives them to you. Wha? It feels like there was a puzzle there or at least one planned and it got the axe. I think the game suffers a lot in those places.
  4. I'd have to imagine most backers would have played through this by now but just in case - there are puzzle spoilers below so I wouldn't read it if you aren't done yet. Just finished Act 1 last night so I figured I'd offer my feedback on what I didn't like. I'm sure others have already voiced this opinion but the more of us who do it the more weight it has I suppose. I finished this in less than 2 hours. While I understand it's only Act 1, if I can expect similar playtime out of Act 2 then we're talking about a 6 hours game at most. I might have expected that if the game was made on the original 400k shoestring budget but this has obviously turned into a much larger and more polished project than the original vision. This is largely due to how easy the puzzles are. The entire time playing through the game the longest I spent thinking about any puzzle was about 30 seconds. This was at the end of Vella's story when needing to open Mog Chothra's mouth, and I only spent that long because I thought that he was opening his mouth periodically and just waited for it to happen for a bit before realizing I needed to open it somehow. Once I realized it was a puzzle - OK obviously the ladder. I played Shay first and when you're going through the mock missions for his Mom it was charming when you realized "Ohh the puzzles are really obvious and easy on purpose, it's like a tutorial that fits into the story because the computer is babying Shay. That's clever". Only the puzzles never get harder... Many puzzles I started solving before I even knew what the goal of the puzzle was. For example - the tree sap puzzle. I think every single dialog line with the tree ended with him saying "I think I'm going to puke" -> well obviously I need to make him puke since you've beaten me over the head with that, and I already know the lumberjack will make me a stool because he's explicitly stated in the dialogue that I can trade wood for a stool from him (I didn't even have to use my brain to infer that maybe a character that is obsessed with woodworking would make me something out of wood!). Walk one more screen and I find wood -> I've made the tree puke before Vella has any motivation to make him puke. Another example: In Shay's section the first room I went to was the trophy room and as soon as I picked up his old radiation suit it was already obvious what the solution to the puzzle would be thanks to the teleporter dialog beating you over the head with the "rules". This despite having not gotten close to knowing why I needed the helmet, or even having seen all of the screens you go through to solve this puzzle. Now, I understand that puzzle difficulty is a tricky thing - the documentary made it clear that some things got dumbed down due to playtester feedback and I can understand wanting the game to be playable by a wide audience. But as this game was marketed on kickstarter as a return to Schafer's roots and a classic retro-style adventure game I can't help but feel somewhat disappointed with the gameplay. Obviously you don't want people to get completely stuck and frustrated, and I didn't expect it to have some of the crazy game-logic puzzles from monkey island (monkey wrench? come on!) but at the same time half the fun of adventure games (for me) was having to slow down and think about the puzzles and come at them from a different angle etc. That rewarding feeling of "yea I'm a genius!" when you solve it didn't happen for me once while playing this game. If the puzzles are harder then people who get stuck always have the option of consulting gamefaqs, talking with their more experienced gamer friends, looking up UHS-hints etc . But with these easy puzzles I have no way of making the game last longer or feel more rewarding That said - I loved everything else about the game. The art is beautiful, the music fits perfectly, the voice acting was great and I laughed out loud at a bunch of the dialog. The story seems good so far but obviously will have to see how it pans out in Act 2. I just wish a bit more of that budget had been shifted from polishing audio/visual type stuff into adding 2 puzzle difficulties or something along those lines. I know that having multiple puzzle trees could get complex but if the hard difficulty at least added a few puzzles for the items that you are just given for free (oh you have shoes, can i have shoes? thanks....) it would have helped some. Edit: I see there's an entire other subforum for Discussion/Feedback which is probably more appropriate. Just saw Feedback in this forum title and clicked it. If a mod wants to move/delete this feel free.
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