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  1. Wonderful game, guys. Congratulations to the team! When the art style was introduced, I was worried that it would have the resolution problems that were present in Puzzle Agent, also a game with soft-edged characters. In Puzzle Agent, you could really tell when art was being resized, but I looked for and did not notice any of those problems here. Great job! I ended up liking the muted palette as well. It really fit. Yes, it is a beautiful game. The puzzles were great. In Act I, I did things like purposely not choosing the correct option so that the game would be longer. In Act II, I actually got legitimately stuck a few times. (NOTE: I was confused for a while on the shoes puzzle. I guessed randomly the first time, and the chart to fill out popped up. Vella suggested I fill it out, and I was stuck for a while trying to fill it out on-screen. I was trying to do that because Mom would not ask me for the puzzle answer any more. It turned out going through the transporter again fixed the problem, and Mom asked me again. I'm not sure if that is a bug or not because I had already increased Vella's head to max size and hadn't changed it back.) I liked the patch-making puzzle a lot because I got to use my math skillz (Sun Tzu's Remainder Theorem Ho!). I was really surprised that the thing with the hexipal and the mallet worked. Was that the only inventory combination puzzle, or am I forgetting some? Some things that bothered me: why was the maiden feast organizer woman allowed to associate with the (people whom I will call on account of not remembering their names) Mog-builders after contact with residents of the bad lands when in Shay's case we are told that his contact with the residents has permanently contaminated him in their eyes? Also, Shay's revelation about his parents seemed...sudden. From what I remember, there was not any foreshadowing in Act I for Shay having grown up with human parents, which pushes Shay away from "surly teen" and towards "psychotic break" in my eyes. I did wish that Shay had a more heroic moment at the end as well. Sure, in Act I, he breaks convention and plays the "save the aliens" game, but this is heroism under false premises. Also, his act of defiance is equivalent to Vella's in Act I, but Vella gets to choose again again to be heroic in Act II while Shay just...starts treating his parents better. It is a very small heroism compared to feeding and eventually rescuing the captive maidens, blowing up the Mog Factory, beating up Marek, etc... On the other hand, it is nice to have a game with characters consistent and deep enough to analyze for a change. I absolutely adored the knife. I was in suspense for the entire credits until his fate was revealed. Thanks also for the documentary (2PP!) and the blog posts from the team. I learned a lot about the process! I am sorry that the darker part of the internet was roiled up and decided to follow this project around for some reason. You should all be proud of the content produced here despite all that. It was a great game, a great documentary, and a great overall project.
  2. On my latest run through (assorted alchemists only), my most powerful hero house turned out to have Heart Disease. I felt attached to them because it runs in my family, too, so I kept them in every battle and appointed regents with the trait. I made sure they were wearing their Wunderpants, and we won the war! It feels like a victory for me, too!
  3. Loving the new difficulty settings. I won on Easy Iron and Normal Iron so far...I actually wasn't aware that people usually play with multiple saves. That must be why I thought the game was so hard.
  4. This is great news! I have stopped playing recently since I haven't beaten game yet. I have never played tactical combat game before, and this one is great, but I am not so great. So, I admit: I will play on easy now.
  5. This is one game I have never played before. (I think I have played all of the other Lucas Arts and Double Fine games.) How exciting! 1. DRM-free version. Some of your games are available without DRM, and some are not. There I have not detected a pattern. 2. Sound upgrade. Old games sound like 50% white noise, 50% content sometimes. Not desirable! 3. Commentaries are absolute must! I prefer the more technical comments, like programming challenges and pointing out innovation. Optional but Fun: 1. Hint system, or better, a new sarcastic walkthrough voiceover. Better to not leave the game to get a hint if wanted because immersion will break. 2. Optional extra dialogue for all the "I can't use that with that," in the original game, if any. 3. Soundtrack remixes. It is hard to say about art. The Monkey Island Special edition I do not like so much because the art is just "good," but the original is remembered for "fantastic" art. Ducktales Remastered is an example of a good art remake, with clear care and attention paid to the art. Perhaps an artstyle similar to King of the Hill or Bevis and Butthead with thin distinct outlines and flat colors would fit well if pixel art is no longer wanted. Original art looked like a cartoon with clear outlines. If you are keeping the pixel art, adding more animation frames would be another way to upgrade perhaps?
  6. Panties of Destiny Longevitee-eroos Chrono-crotch Timeless Athletic Support
  7. The Finisher The Cleaner The Time Bandit Killemall Clear Eyes Babyface Red Hands The Mighty-Thewed The Meteor The Fang The Claw The Swath The Devastator The Decimator One-Hit Red Claw Clear-Cut The Revelator Nameless Nemo The Victor The Mighty The Unmovable The Unstoppable The Slicer The Dicer The Mincer (doubles as an insult ) Black-heart The Animal Lion-heart Bear-paw Eagle-eye The Proud The Beacon The Terrible The Awesome The Ur The Fearsome The Bold The Brave The Acme The Fierce The Mean The Fey The Overwhelmer The Tao Five-Killer (change the number as appropriate) You're Next The Zen The Horrifying The Ambusher The Sneak The Hand of Death The Right Hand The Closed Fist The Ogre The Unshaken The Young (despite many battles with the wrinkler!) The Force The Lever The Machine Name-taker Can of Whoop-(...) Battlefiend Headbutter (probably also is a food) Legup Gloryface
  8. I am amazed that you guys attempted this; the scope of the game is pretty cool. I voted for this prototype because it seemed so different and also, well, impossible. I really liked the look of the game, with the bright pink little buds and clover fields. The intro movie is pretty awesome in its minimalistic approach, and I love the tutorial. I really like the lighting changes in the house as Big Leg speaks. I know this will probably not be made into a game, but I really like it. It would be fun to chat with the Pink Buds and try to find out their stories and thoughts as their tiny AI brains struggle to parse basic sentences. *heehee* Spoilers: If the prototype will have any changes made, I recommend adding a quick-time event prompt in the house when Big Leg wants you to leave. "Press S to escape." There is no back door on the house, so I tried everything but pressing S. I thought pressing all the keys at once was the answer until I saw someone mention "S" on the forum.
  9. This was really fun to play. I really enjoyed the environment; all the fallen logs made the forest areas more realistic, so much that it made me homesick. And the grass was awesome; I ran around and wrote a few secret messages for anyone going by in a balloon. I also really enjoyed the expressiveness of the characters in the story-book scenes. A few critiques: I felt it was difficult to line up a back kick since Bella does not walk backwards. Bella needs to be able to jump and climb. I was also hoping side-kicking, biting, and tail-swats would be possible, but hopefully they will be in the full game. Other than that, it was great! I don't normally like fighting games, but I enjoyed this.
  10. Thank you! I've really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes post and documentary, so much that the game feels like a bonus at this point. Congrats to you all on the game release; I'm glad you got to make an adventure game once again!
  11. Please allow the cut scenes to be replayed from the menu after they are discovered. I always accidentally skip them and miss something important! P.S.--I voted space bar.
  12. I backed today after I got over my sadness that The Flock would not make the cut. Hey Lucian, I posted about this on the AF side of the forums! www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7945/ Thanks for posting this!
  13. My dad worked for a city convention center. He called with one day with an sculptor breathing down his neck. There was this mostly open room with what wall it had being an arc from a single circle (the room would be a circle, if the wall had actually been there, you see...). The artist wanted his sculpture displayed in what would be the exact center of the circle, had it been there. The center was not marked on the blueprints, nor was there a light fixture in the center of the room or anything, and the artist was quite insistent the placing be exact. My dad had at his disposal standard carpenter's tools: triangle, level, ruler, plumb bob, chalk line. It took me about an hour to think of something that would work: snap two straight lines with endpoints on the arc. Find the center of these lines with the ruler, and draw perpendicular lines with the triangle through the center points. The two perpendicular lines will cross at what would be the center of the circle. An hour may seem like a long time, but I really never expected to encounter a geometry word problem in real life. (My dad called me because I was a math major at the time.)
  14. Making unique replies for using every pair of objects together is going to be too expensive, as has been said. Perhaps the cost-effective solution is to focus on a few items. In the past, this has been done by focusing on unique interactions for the funniest item. Remember the "A Mmm C's of Ventriloquism" from the third Monkey Island game? It was one of the few items that Guybrush would say something interesting about. It was clear to the developers that the player would try this. Alternatively, perhaps the character could acquire a "favorite" item. If the player used a pair of wire cutters for the first time, and there was a mini cut scene with triumphant music, and there was a progression of scenes where the player successfully or unsuccessfully used the wire cutters, then they would be more likely to try them later. Since the character treated them specially, it would justify having unique interactions for them while having standard interactions for other objects. This makes the necessity of ignoring some items a little more justified in-world. The character himself doesn't care too much about the other items. I think I would like seeing this implemented in a game very much. It would give the characters a little more forceful personality.
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