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  1. I love the song that Brian was working on in the Day 7 video! Any chance it could be put up for download? I've been hankerin' for a new ringtone for a while now!
  2. As someone who hates episodic games like what Telltale releases, I'm more than happy with the decision they've made. It gives me the choice to wait until the full thing is released next year, and play the whole thing as a complete package.
  3. Escape should skip, because it's out-of-the-way and hard to press accidentally. Space should pause.
  4. A mac version would be fantastic.
  5. Definitely keep them private. Anyone who is interested in development should have given money. Even one dollar could've given them access! I say, if they're too cheap to give even the minimum amount, they don't DESERVE getting any info about the game before release!
  6. It works perfectly on my iPad 2, using the normal safari browser. Then again, I don't know if this has already resolved, because I can't be arsed to scroll through every page looking for replies...
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