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  1. This game looks absolutely gorgeous; I think I'll be getting the Xbox version. I'm also very excited about the local multiplayer. It's getting so hard to find good, cooperative local multiplayer games.
  2. Very cute looking game I don't have a fancy phone like you guys, but if you ever decide to port it to other mobile platforms later (3DS anyone?), I'll definitely snap it up.
  3. That's pretty disappointing to hear I just looked it up and it seems as though you're right - it is a very bad port. Apparently you can't even use the touch screen to interact with the map, which seems very odd to me. I was hoping for a portable version, (no iOS devices for me). Oh well
  4. Fantastic work! I really love the style! I think my favorite is the girl and the bird here. All of my love.
  5. I played Myst and Riven as a young child with my mother. We would sit together and try to solve the puzzles, and I would get very excited when I figured something out that my mom couldn't! I think it was the atmosphere that intrigued me the most. I always felt a deep sense of anxiety when I was playing, as if there really was something at stake. I was also tormented by the "woooooeeww" noise that played every time you warped back to that one room. I'm thinking of buying the 3DS version of Myst, since I haven't played it in so long and don't remember much of it.
  6. Hello everyone! I thought I would share Peter Molyneux and 22can's Kickstarter project, (which I just happened upon yesterday): q8dvLnuHVkI http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/22cans/project-godus The game is called GODUS, and it is a new God game. I am personally a huge fan of Black and White, so I am really excited about this, and thought I should share this for other fans of the genre.
  7. I think there's a place for pixel art as well. It does have the potential to look stunning, after all. If DF thought it would be a good art style for their project, that's awesome, but I don't think it should be used for nostalgia alone. Pixelated art, after all, is generally used because it is efficient. It gets the job done. It is still used today, after all, for a variety of reasons. However, it was used years ago because art needed to conform to technological limitations. Even if developers had the ability to produce higher quality art, the consumers would not be able to run it on their machines at home. Unless there was a meeting where everyone agreed that all the characters should be made out of tiny squares and that they should only contain X amount of colors for artistic expression... then, well, I don't know what I would say to that As Chris mentioned, Pixelated art places rather strenuous limitations on what the artists are capable of doing, and I personally would love to see what they can come up with when left to their own devices. The point of the Kickstarter project was to give Double Fine free reign over their project, after all, so why limit them for the sake of nostalgia? Of course, if DF wanted to make some pixelated games in the future, that would be awesome, but only if it was because they enjoy it and not because they are trying to appeal to the nostalgia or popularity of a certain style. I never knew Double Fine to follow trends, after all. I always felt that DF was all about trying something new and different, and having fun with it in the process
  8. Very cool, thanks for the heads up! I'm always looking for resource-friendly games to play on my itty-bitty netbook, so that's awesome
  9. Edit: Oh, whoops, didn't notice that most of these posts were from like... April. Sorry, aha. I actually thought that the female characters in Mass Effect were very well done. I played the game mostly with a female Shepard, so I didn't experience the characters as romance options. They all had well-developed back-stories, motivations for their attitudes, behaviour, etc. (At least in ME1 and 2, haven't played 3 yet). They also differed in their strengths and weaknesses. Ashley was a strong military type, while Tali was more feminine, with her strengths being intelligence and tech. They both had flaws, as well. Ashley was a bit racist, quick to anger, etc. Tali doesn't always make the best decisions. Some, such as the asari, were highly sexualized. But they at least give a reason why, and gave the characters personality. (Well, sort of... The asari fell a bit short in my opinion). I personally feel that Mass Effect is a great example of diverse, well-rounded female characters. They were strong, without being overbearingly so. Dragon Age, (at least the first one), was a good example as well, if playing a female character. Morrigan, for example, showcases a deep personality if befriended. This may be lost when playing a male character, though. I do know that most of the male characters were very interesting and well developed, (such as Alistair, who is one of my favorite video game characters ever now), even if the protagonist was romancing them. Perhaps this was different for the girls, though? (I did feel that Leliana was a bit flat...) Edit: Okay I had a bit of a rant here but decided it wasn't really relevant. To summarize what I had meant, I'm a little bit concerned about the recent trend to make every female a "strong, independent woman" in order to remain inoffensive. Just like with male characters, personalities and strengths vary.
  10. Yes, and he does this while listening to a self-recorded audio cassette from his one-man band, made from a collection of sound clips from the trees in the forest that fall when nobody's around. And only he can hear it. But, seriously, I support hipster lumberjack.
  11. So, I didn't read all 38 pages of this, so my apologizes if I add something that has already been said. I love the idea of a book/notepad world that others have mentioned, so I thought I'd do a list of various book-related worlds one may find themselves trapped in. - Autobiography World, where you are trapped inside your own autobiography. Everywhere you step leaves behind footprints of narrated text, describing your actions. In addition, you have to relive moments of your life as described by the mysterious, and somehow unsettling, voice in your head. - Or, conversely, Biography World, where you are trapped inside a biography of your own life, written by someone who has never met you but seems to hold an agenda against you all the same. - Grandma's Book of Recipes. - The TV Guide. - A fantasy adventure written by a six-year-old. - The notebook of that kid in your class who you thought was taking notes, but was really doing doodles of the teacher being eaten by monsters and the like. - The To-Do-List of your co-worker who also happens to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  12. Ah, very interesting post! The lumberjack looks wonderful; I really like the animation style. And thank you for taking the time to explain the methodology in such detail!
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