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  1. I wouldn't want the Documentary to spoil it for me, but as far as the game itself goes, I wish I could play Act 2 right now...
  2. I enjoyed this game. I backed it mostly for the documentary which already exceeded my expectations and the game has been like icing on the cake... I could have eaten it without the icing even. Still this game was fun. I just beat it, and sure it only took about 3 hours or so to beat, but there were points that I was completely stumped and had to walk away from the game and try more later. The ending really surprised me actually... Overall, I'm happy and will recommend this game to friend (more so when Act 2 come out)
  3. Looking forward to it! I know (as a developer myself) how it can feel great to be ahead of schedule even for just one sprint. Keep it up!
  4. MORE POSITIVE FEEDBACK COMING YOUR WAY! I want to further encourage you guys and just say that I'm annoyed with how people online are talking about "another kickstarter game that's failing to deliver." You already have delivered! Yeah, I hope to play an awesome game someday, but seriously, the story REQUIRES conflict. And the development of this game is the story I'm interested in. I'm actually glad everything didn't just go smoothly and on schedule. That would have been disappointing (not that I'm wishing hard times on DF or anything). One of the main things I've learned from DF over the last few months is that limitations are an important part of life. You have to have a goal and you have to work towards that goal no matter how realistic ( http://www.fluentin3months.com/possible/ ). It's what drives us in this life. It's why death is such an important part of life. There is an end to all things and we want to accomplish something great in the time that we've got. How do we do it? Do we go for the Gold or settle for something less? BAM! You've got a purpose for living OK, I digress... sorry I'm really looking forward to watching everything progress and haven't lost an ounce of excitement over this game (actually my excitement has only grown). My Adventure Backer t-shirt is the favorite shirt I own.
  5. I think if a shield is a relic (for example) then it should be MULTI-generational. "This was my father's shield and his father's father's before him!"
  6. You ain't just whistling dixie! I've become a huge fan of 2PP these last few months! They have done an amazing job on this Broken Age documentary and the one they made on Minecraft / Mojang was equally excellent!
  7. Every time hear the opening or closing jingle from one of these episodes I'm filled with a feeling of excitement over this game. I get super stoked about it EVERY time. I'm almost glad the game has been pushed back so that we can get a few more episodes out of it
  8. The more of these documentaries I watch the more excited I get about the game and the more people I tell about it.
  9. Me too! I'm hoping (expecting) to see the next episode around Feb 20th or something, but I think I pulled that date out of thin air... I have no idea what the schedule is (is there a schedule?).
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