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  1. It's a term that's been around since the late 1800s for social movements aiming at changing the status-quo. The opposite of it being conservatism, which anti-progressives happily go by politically. Makes pretty clear logical sense to me. Progress does not necessary denote it being a good thing, although the language is loaded.
  2. I think it was a confluence of everything. There was some early warnings of Kickstarter fatigue/Resentment which got picked up and escalated as part of an anti-progressive movement. You also had a very very open developer, which provided material to people who wanted to cherry pick details to show either incompetence or ill-intent. People were already attacking Double Fine aggressively prior to Space Base, and that single visible failure was the cherry on top to plant at the end of each attack. It's pretty dumb and unfair, and I second the major major props to Double Fine for continuing to make cool stuff and open themselves up to fans despite it.
  3. I not only stated that we should move on from thus subject, but also stated there are doubtlessly gamergaters who don't subscribe to the groups more problematic agenda. (EDITED since I was a bit ruder than I would like to be), I feel like you are misconstruing what I said to continue a debate. The origins of Gamergate isn't in question. If you want to claim moral equivalency despite that, I have nothing more to add.
  4. I think it is fairly established that there is a massive double standard when it comes to Double Fine and other successful Kickstarters. A lot of that comes from the fact that Double Fine was just very very honest about the budgetary reasons behind their decisions. I can GUARANTEE that when Harmonix or Brian Fargo run a fig campaign (which they will, being on the advisory board) we wont' see anywhere near this level of rhetoric about collusion. Some of the complaints about how Double Fine handled things are valid. Much of it is subjective. The vitrol behind it though... that's almost entirely political.
  5. I feel like this is a topic we should just drop (I know, I also added to it before). Almost all press coverage of Gamergate has pointed out the harassment, sexist origins, and hypocrisies at the heart of the movement. It's a social response to the global progressive momentum, much like the Rabid Puppies or Donald Trump. There are doubtlessly lots of people who align with the movement who don't subscribe to the Breitbart agenda or genuinely believe that gaming or the world is falling apart because of "SJWs", but frankly, the only reason they still exist is because we all keep talking about them. The more you tell people they are wrong or bad, the more entrenched in their echo chamber they become. Maybe we should focus on all the cool stuff that came out of this AMA, like that awesome story synopsis. Sure does sound like a cool sequel .
  6. The origin of the movement was a bunch of people harassing Zoe Quinn since her ex posted a lengthy post about how she cheated on him with 5 guys. People claimed that she slept around for game coverage, which is a pretty easily disproved since the one game journalist she dated didn't write about the game after their relationship. Adam Baldwin created the name "gamergate" while linking to a "Five Guys" video slandering her. I'm sure many people joined the movement despite that being the origin, but it doesn't change that it wasn't built on "ethics on game journalism" in any meaningful way. I mean, a lot of the "Double Fine" reputation stuff escalated only after Tim Schafer shared a video that Anita Sarkeesian made about female representation in games, a video that has nothing to do with ethics in journalism. And most of those attacks came from people who were self-avowed gamergaters at the height of the movement.
  7. It's so insane how angry people still are over a sock-puppet joke a year ago. It's also crazy to me how much of the Tim Schafer hate in the AMA seems to be rising up from the people angrily posting in that thread. Overall though it seems to have gone pretty well .
  8. Sorry Spaff. I didn't mean to insult the work that you did. I understand that creating and managing all of the social media stuff took a lot of work, as did handling the surrounding press and creating all the Dev's Play videos. And there's a lot more to it than all of that as well. I think my issues with the campaign were kind of two-fold. On the one hand, I do wish that we could have heard more from the people behind the game, and that their general absence made it feel a little bit less personal. The retrospective was excellent, but I'd love to have heard more about the things Double Fine particularly wants to built upon or move past heading into Psychonauts 2. Not promises, but general goals and thoughts. Secondly, I had a general desire to feel a community enthusiasm about talking about Psychonauts and platformers generally. I feel like that was lacking, but I also don't believe that part was Double fine's fault at all. There was a lot put out there to get people excited and start a conversation. I think some of the outside vitriol kind of overwhelmed my personal ability to just talk positively about all this stuff generally on social media, and that's a real shame. Thanks for all the work you all put in. I can't wait to play the final game and hear about the development.
  9. I just want to thank Kestral for this thread. I can't imagine what it's like to have to deal with this type of misinformed malice on a day to day basis. It makes me genuinely angry, and I'm just a fan. This crazy echo chamber is genuinely destructive. And it's just done out of malice. The main video going around is created by someone whose most successful videos are attempts to debunk Anita Sarkeesian. I've clicked on about a dozen of the scam obsessed twitter handles and every single one has been gamergate supporters sharing the same ridiculous memes. I can't think of a better example of how gross this all is than when I clicked on one of Tim's tweets, just a few days ago, and the first displayed reply was simply "kill yourself". This has a genuine effect on undecided backers. Last night, I went out to dinner with my best friend. We were chatting about videogames, and I mentioned how excited I was that Psychonauts 2 got funded. He told me that he had considered backing, but decided not to because of how Broken Age went, specifically that Double Fine came out and asked for more money before releasing a shoddy final game. My friend is a reasonably well-informed guy. He doesn't frequent message boards. He hates Gamergate. He is also not a big adventure game fan, he would have never played Broken Age. My point is that the casual misinformation on every thread made him genuinely believe that Broken Age was widely disliked, and that there was a second kickstarter. He was honestly surprised when I told him the game was really loved by a lot of the backers and that the money thing was a false rumor. While this example is obviously anecdotal, it does demonstrate to me how this kind of nonsense spreads outside of the echo chamber rather insidiously.
  10. The other side of the openness is that some fans, like me, who watched the documentaries and then participated in AF have a deeper emotional connection the company and their games as a result. I'm not sure how much it helped or hurt them overall to "show how the sausage is made", but I can say that in my case it's made a life-long fan happy to be along for the ride, even if I am critical of certain things. It's also provided a context for the delays and production issues that can be used as a response to the broad attacks. I'm also not entirely sure that the backlash is due to their openness although I understand that it provided ammunition.
  11. It strikes me as kind of funny that a bunch of gamers are trying to slam an indie studio by quoting a guy who refuses to make games unless they "have the potential to be exploited every year across every platform with clear sequel potential that can meet our objectives of over time becoming $100 million plus franchises," and who has commented that a corporate goal was "to take all the fun out of making video games."
  12. I love DF, not every criticism of them needs to be defended, this is my honest feeling as a fan. It's been a very underwhelming experience for me. From the lack of response to questions here on the forum, to the bland and uninspired updates asking me to do something in order for a video to be released that would be released anyway, it's just not been exciting. I agree with this completely. I'm someone who spent a lot of time enthusiastically disseminating every single DFA update. Psychonauts is one of my ALL TIME favorite games. Double Fine is one of my favorite companies. I've liked both games the company has crowdfunded. I'm SO excited about this game's announcement. I dig the Dev's Play videos. There is no part of me that either wouldn't have backed this or would regret having backed this. I just feel like this campaign has been run like the course was systemically set from the start rather than by any attempt to create or galvanize the community. The community events often feel like task lists. The updates are impersonal. There isn't really that much communication with the fans here or on Fig. I think that Twitch video is a perfect example of the problem, as it was awesome seeing them play the game, but they didn't really answer any of the questions they asked fans to provide. I'm going to stop talking about this on here because I really don't like being negative about something I'm this excited for. But I hope the next time Double Fine does one of these they look at some of the reactions and try to find a happy medium between something this clearly pre-planned and a more organic attempt to foster discussion and enthusiasm.
  13. I would love another Costume Quest game. The second one was pretty solid, but I feel like there are still a bunch of places you could go with the series. I'd definitely love to see that story continue sometime in the future. As for the sales numbers. I imagine these games could be "evergreen games" as Justin Bailey would put it, especially once it starts getting into bundles.
  14. I didn't say silent, I said " the relative silence", and yes, in comparison with projects that have been successful on Kickstarter and Double Fine Adventure, they have been relatively silent. The weekly updates are impersonal. The rewards for successful tasks are Dev's play videos that I love, but won't help create any news stories that can lead to larger bumps. There has been no announcements aimed at providing new information about what Psychonauts 2 is going to be in the updates, which I understand is a desire not to falsely promise, but also means that there is no headlines, and little added enthusiasm. The only exception to that were the making of Psychonauts videos. I love the Dev's Play videos personally. I LOVE Psychonauts, and I am a massive fan of almost everything that Double Fine has done, but I also personally feel that a more aggressive strategy would have lead to better results. It's also possible it would have made the backlash louder, and I do think that the tone surrounding something like this, on social media, on Fig ad's I see on Facebook and on YouTube have impacted people from investing or supporting. I have seen it in my group of real life friends. Also, re. that video. I clicked on the account and his featured playlist was a series of Anita Sarkeesian attack videos. Considering the source of a great deal of the personal attacks against Tim Schafer, it makes me question (perhaps unfairly) the motive of the youtuber.
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