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  1. I agree with this. You don't want to pass by backers who don't follow DF / Tim on twitter nor keep an eye on the forums. That might create a backlash.
  2. Yeah, go for it! I agree with a lot of people before me that it would be nice if the backers will get new episodes first. Just so we can gloat. I really hope the hate will stop, but not sure if this will help. Unfortunately the internet has become a place where trolls are loudest and therefore so visible. I also think that stopping the development of Spacebase DF9 fueled more trolls than delaying the release of Broken Age. There are people out there that have simply decided that DF needs to be hated. These people will probably find parts in the docu that will look bad when cut and placed out of context, and use it as 'proof'. Time will tell. I wish more people would understand backing a project != pre-ordering a game. Same for Steam Early Access. *sigh*
  3. Totally! Can't wait for the next patch and start a new and fresh game. Hopefully the game will beat me into submission again, next time.
  4. Haha, yeah, me too. Love strategy games, but get beaten by such games nearly as often as I win them. Hence I was a bit surprised I was doing so well in the last game. My Chalice was barely touched by the Cadence too. In the beginning I had the urge to stay close to the Chalice to protect it, but after a few turns I realised it was easier to hover closer to the several spawn areas and take down the enemies there. Because of the mighty caberjacks and their killing streaks, hardly any pawn managed to get even remotely close to the Chalice.
  5. Oh, are you guys still looking for save games of the final battle?
  6. Right, I just completed my first game and found the last battle very easy. In fact, I found the last 100 years of the game quite easy this time - while before I really struggled and died before year 200. I think for the last 50 years at least (perhaps even longer), all the kids became level 10 before even glimpsing a battle in their future. I think I've even had babies born at level 7 or 8. It seems that my last strategy worked a little too well, so things got easy. I believe I had 5 keeps, 2 crucibles and 3 guilds for most part of the game (or was it 3 crucibles and 2 guilds... gotta check that). In the beginning I really focussed on getting those buildings done. After that, as research increased a lot through the guilds, getting all the items developed was no struggle at all. I only lost 3 regions at the end. On the whole I used battle-seasoned heroes as standard early on, but when choosing regents and partners I really only looked at traits. In fact, I often picked young heroes with great traits, so I wouldn't have to pick new regents for a long while. I believe that the crucibles did their jobs so well that my nation as a whole slowly levelled up to 10, without having to care about the levels of regents. I entered the final battle with two level 10 caberjacks (both with level 10 relics), two level 10 hunters (1 relic, not maxed out) and one 10 level alchemist (level 10 relic). Having said all of that, these are my thoughts of the final battle: - I had NO idea that my heroes were being replaced by their ancestors. Awesome concept! But indeed, I agree that perhaps some dialogue could point this out? Or the first time, the game could zoom in on the hero that is being replaced, so it is perhaps a bit more obvious that there's a different person? - I barely lost any heroes to start with - only 2, maybe 3. When I realised "I couldn't die" (as I had no idea the heroes were being replaced), I was like.. okay? I can't possibly lose now. That made the end feel like less of a challenge. Had I known about the ancestors, I would have felt different I think. - I agree with those who said it before: the alchemist feels fairly obsolete here. Towards the end I left him pretty idle in the middle, throwing the odd bomb here and there. 80% of the enemies were taken out by the two caberjacks and their epic killing streaks. - As my heroes were very strong, I wouldn't have minded the enemy being stronger / less easy to kill in one blow by a caberjack. Or more waves. I think I completed the final battle in about 45 min. What I think would benefit the game (to prevent the end being so easy): - Restrictions on the number of keeps / crucibles / guilds that can be built - Make it more rewarding to retire battle-seasoned into keeps, to prevent using heroes as baby-makers only. - Perhaps the hp / level / amount of cadence pawns could be relative to the average level of your heroes in the last generation(s)? So that it's always a bit of a challenge?
  7. Doesn't it already trigger music when the Cadence is winning in a battle, though? I will check that out ASAP. If my memory is correct, I believe it had the same 'problem' of stopping after a while.
  8. Regarding music: I'm loving the music and it's great that the last update added more different music per region. There is just one little issue I have with the music during the battles, and I don't think that this last patch has changed this (have only played a few battles since the update). When over half of the enemies have been killed, there's this nice bit of music that makes you feel you're doing well. I love this. It really adds to the 'whoo, go me!' feeling. But after a short while it stops! It feels a bit anticlimactic. It would be awesome if the music would crescendo while you keep winning with a nice finale when you're killing off the last enemy.
  9. In a sort of mini-brainstorm when I couldn't sleep, I started wondering what could happen to heroes whose houses have been destroyed while they themselves survived. I searched for forums for similar ideas and couldn't find any, but my apologies if I am repeating an idea already posted. Imagine the follow scenario… Hero Tim of house Schafer has just come back from yet another massive battle that he pretty much won single-handed. As a reward, the Lady Schafer sends him on an adventure to Sweden to trace a mythical relic: the hammer of some famous god. On his return he finds that his whole house has been destroyed by their biggest enemy, the demon house of Muir. This horrible discovery forces Tim into a berserker rage (learned in Sweden) and he decides to spend the rest of his (short?) life making the house of Muir pay. Perhaps the game can have these rogue heroes working either against or with the player's house. For instance, when you're fighting the enemy of the rogue, they might (or not) suddenly decide to come and help you with your battle. Or, if you caused the fall of the rogue's house, they might pop up in battles helping your enemy destroy you. And maybe when these rogues get killed, they leave behind special relics of their bloodline allowing other houses to get new skills into theirs?
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