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  1. Here is link to a podcast/interview with Tim from GDC, talking about his Wil Wright story, as well as psychonauts: https://kotaku.com/how-simcity-designer-will-wright-saved-psychonauts-1824089250 Smiles
  2. Sad to see her go -- she seemed like an excellent team member...and I was really hoping Dear Leader would make its way out at some point... Smiles
  3. Definitely. The candidness he brings to everything, makes him by far the most interesting aspect of the entire series. I'd love to see more and more of this angle. He's a great documentary subject! Smiles
  4. Though I liked the livestreams, I do agree that the doc is like 100x more important, lasting, and cool. I can also totally understand if the DF Team got tired of livestreams too, since I can imagine its a strange way to work. I barely like working in an actual office setting the few times a year I make a pilgrimage to do so.:D I really don't know what is possible from a technical and logistical POV. Maybe Spaff could be more involved as a host, and the location could be stationary (e.g. a room). To do what? Eh, I don't know. In the livestream Spaff did manage to grab some of the leads and chit chat with them about random questions from chat. Maybe a dash of that. Maybe a dash of more random Tim impressions of each team and what he sees every other day. I also remember from years past, a lot of livestream filler (though mostly enjoyable filler), like playing past prototypes, and talking with people who worked on those prototypes about things that were interesting and cool, and story of those or things from the production. But I suppose that can really only be done so much before the well is exhausted. Its tough to fill out an entire livestream everyday, surely. Maybe there is some middle ground filled with some interesting things for part of a day. But if it not, keep up the docs, since those are indeed the coolest. Smiles
  5. I definitely had them playing on my side monitor while I was engaged with other tasks, but they were great for that aspect, at least for me, back in the day. Smiles
  6. The ending stream was a quick cool look at the finished products. But based on all of the DF projects I've followed that had some form of public engagement (e.g. DFA, Massive Chalice, AF 2012, AF 2014) this one ranks at the bottom for me. I'm sure the docs will turn out great, especially with how candid Asif is in them and with the excellent work 2PP continues to put out. And I liked the general structure of the AF -- community getting 2 pitches, and the DF Team and Tim each getting one as well -- that was a pleasant change. I guess one of the fun elements of the streams was often getting a better sense of the DF crew and the people behind the games. There are probably a 1/3 new people compared to the last time (totally guess based estimate), and it is a bit harder to only get to know them through snippets in the docs. @Cavefish, you'll naturally find that many forum boards tend to be populated with fans, and fans (or at least many core DF fans), often unintentionally, will express positive points of view. While DF fans can definitely be critical (look at the entire spectrum of opinions from the 80000 backers of the DFA, or reaction to Spacebase DF9), I've found that over the 5 years I've been here and posting, positivity tends bubble up more than harsher critiques. It isn't even that, say, this forum is that heavily moderated -- I also peruse Paradox's forums, and they rule with an iron fist, often to a nonsensical degree. DF's forums are pretty laid back, where the modus operandi, for whatever reason, is pretty much politeness, for better or worse. Anyways, I look forward to final doc episodes, and seeing what comes out of the prototypes. Smiles
  7. Yeah, I think the streaming is probably the biggest contributor, but lack of daily episodes is probably a factor too. I'm still enjoying the output of the videos, things just feel low-key, which is fine if that is what DF wanted this time around. Smiles
  8. My post is about games. 2 of them specifically. Or, one prototype and one currently existing. Smiles
  9. Dear Leader evidently was just ahead of its time by about 2 some years. Had it come out around now, it would be in conversation with Orwell and some similar games. Smiles
  10. This year there were less topics that resonated with me -- the VR or coop or multiplayer ones just don't interest me. But I voted for some ones I think still would be interesting. Smiles
  11. I like the idea. Voted for it. Smiles
  12. Look forward to it. I probably won't get to follow much of it during the actual window, but hope to catch up on things after it. Smiles
  13. I say contact orders@fangamer.com and include your order number and address and other stuff you may have got via email. But you might not get a response until the new year due to closeness of holiday time. Smiles
  14. If you don't have it a month or two from now, then I'd be worried. Smiles
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