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  1. Looks like Mog Chothra is trying to shoot some sea-gulls. This bug only happens when you very far to the right of him.
  2. I noticed it when I woke up after pretend sleeping so I could sneak around.
  3. SPOILER WARNING When playing as Vella, once you are in the observation deck and have revived the Shay, there's a specific bit where both characters talk but neither of them move their mouths. Place the laser coil in the wrong socket, like this. Upon removing the coil again, both characters talk with neither of them moving their mouths. This bug can be repeated indefinitely for maximum awkwardness.
  4. If you're in front of the woodchuck's house, you can walk through it without going inside if you click on the roof, around where the cursor is in the following screenshot: Click me
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