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  1. This is an impressive display of "doing the bare minimum". Technically, you've addressed my complaints. I got the robotic "we're working on it", with no actual timeframe and (count them) two possible solutions to my problem, neither of which work. Two days after saying they don't work, there has been no further attempt to rectify the situation, either via the offering of more bogus solutions or a refund. But that's okay, because you've addressed my second complaint and made the issue (infinitesimally) less hidden from future customers, a mere one sentence at the very bottom of another forum post nobody will ever read until they've already bought the game and realised what they got themselves into. And that's from an Administrator here, I shiver at the magnitude of non-commitment I would've gotten from some random unpaid intern.
  2. That's fine and dandy but I didn't send the email today, I sent it 10 days ago. And I'm sorry, but a reply to a thread barely anybody saw does not constitute an official response. An official response would be updating the game's Play Store description saying something along the lines of "This game is unstable on certain devices so you might want to hold off on buying it until we work things out", or even better, pulling the game from the store until issues are resolved. As it stands, I've paid money thinking I was buying a fully realised game and I ended up with a lazy port that can barely be considered in beta. Which brings up the question of why Double Fine would release such a shoddy game. At best, they're incompetent and didn't catch the issues, at worst, they're dishonest and wanted to make a quick money-grab.
  3. The game usually freezes on the loading screen. On the rare occasion it does get through it (after 5-10 minutes), it either freezes when I touch the screen, or a few sentences into the New Game narration. I've even emailed support over a week ago with not even a response. Do you guys have any idea how unacceptable that is? Even a "sorry, we're working on it" would be better than nothing; ideally I'd get a refund or a Steam key to at least play it on PC. I've been a huge fan since forever, but Double Fine seems to be spending good will like crazy these last few months and I'd bet good money that I'm not the only customer considering going out the door.
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