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  1. I voted for "Worlds Apart", but I understand it's very overused. If "Twice upon a Time" wasn't already a film by Lucasfilm it would have been a great choice. Just some random suggestions: "Duplexity" "Dual Domain" "Here and There" "Kindred Worlds"
  2. I bought and played it over a weekend about half a year ago. I liked it a lot, especially the music and the atmosphere. It has a very personal story that is really well told. It's also quite humorous at times, especially if you've played some old school RGSs before, like the Final Fantasies on SNES. Though the gameplay is very straightforward, I thought it worked quite well. There is one moment near the end, though, where a song with vocals is played, which I thought was a little out-of-place and made it slightly pretentious, but that's probably just me. So yeah, it definitely deserves the praise it gets. Cool that it's available on Steam!
  3. This is great! As a Ghibli fan I'm loving this. My favorites (ranked): 3. P 2. O 1. N (that IS a cool head) So, my vote goes to N. Though I think both Nausicaa and Kiki are great characters, I'd go for drawing more influence from Kiki, as I think her personality is slightly more interesting.
  4. Fantastic episode, perhaps my favorite to date! To see all of these talented guys sitting in one room and just painting was awesome. The art looks very promising and unique. Also loved the trips to the artists' homes, Peter Chan's house in particular. That image of Tim cutting wood was priceless, wonder what happened in that next photo. Maybe he did a really embarassing pose or something. It looked really hot in Bagel's apartment, though, the way he was sweating . Seeing the image from Kiki's Delivery Service on the wall (and the Art of Totoro book on the shelf) was really cool, as I am a huge Miyazaki fan .
  5. Voted Gabriel Knight, since I recently bought it and haven't gotten around to really play through it yet (the first one, that is).
  6. Concepts tend to be like that. You take the really important parts of a design (shape, melody, colour, croutons), put them together, and see if they work. If even merely the basics don't work together, then there's no use putting effort into making minutiae, and if you did then all that effort was wasted. It's modular design. From OP: "Because we haven't designed any of the actual characters for the game yet, we took a Bagel sketch of a stylized lumberjack and put him into the scene. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time animating the character at this point (since this character is NOT going to be in the actual game), so we just created a very rough walk cycle from one angle for the purposes of our test." Yeah, I guess it's way too early to actually complain about stuff when we've only seen rough concepts. When it comes to the backgrounds I just hope they will use paintings for the all the layers. I mean, look at the difference between the original Monkey Island 2 and the new special edition for example. The original just looked more appealing to me because the backgrounds were directly scanned in, whereas the new one has a sort of artificial computer-generated look. Still, these are all just personal tastes, and I hope DF will just do their own thing and make a great game in a style we've never (or rarely) seen before. I'd rather be surprised, really.
  7. That was great! I really liked it, especially the final clip with the "depth-scrolling". I have some issues, though: 1. The backgrounds should be much more detailed, like paintings similar to Machinarium or COMI, where you can really see the artist's handiwork. Here they felt a little drab, having huge parts which were just one color for example. 2. The character has that unappealing (for me) animation style where only parts of the body are moving and it just looks artificial. You see it in many of today's animated shows and in games (like Machinarium for instance) and it looks kind of cheap. I'm hoping for a more organic look, similar to old school cel-animation. 3. I'm sort of tired of the "big head, small body" character design, but that's me. It's still a good choice for this game I think. I know these are very early concepts, though, so my points will probably not be valid after some time, but I still hope you take them under consideration. At the same time, I loved the way you explained the scroll and depth techniques, and everything else is fantastic. Keep up the awesome work, Double Fine!
  8. For me, it's a tie between MI2 and The Longest Journey, but since I picked the latter in some other poll my vote goes to MI2.
  9. Just beat it and I have to say it was a great experience. For a small flash game it was brilliant. The atmosphere and music were the best parts I think, but most of the puzzles were very creative and the characters, while simple, were overall quite charming. The story also worked well, though sometimes it was hard to tell what your actual goal was. I really appreciated the wordless style (with the little thought bubbles for example). But man, some of those puzzles were total brainteasers! My head got a really good workout, that's for sure. It was very satisfying when finally figuring them out, though. Those arcade minigames also added some nice variety to the gameplay, which I liked.
  10. No, MI3 is brilliant. Give me monkey island 5 instead (though this project should be something else entirely).
  11. 15 to 20 hours seems like a good length to me. I recently completed Journey and while the game was incredible and one of the best I've played so far this year, a length of only two hours was a slight letdown. Still, it's better to have a short and sweet game than a repetitive game that never seems to end.
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