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  1. It's been way too long since I've visited these forums (shame on me D: ), but I just saw this art and wanted to say that it's awesome.
  2. I voted for escape on first reaction, but on further consideration escape is where I'd go to pause. So I guess I'd have to say escape to pause, enter to skip cutscenes. Please please please make it so that cutscenes can be paused. And please add a confirmation dialogue before skipping, because I don't want to be able to accidentally skip one.
  3. Since it's not on Windows Phone, I'll just be playing it on Windows.
  4. I really like the second N and P. I really like the face from O, but the rest of O seems kinda plain to me. Take the face of O and put it on N or P and I think it'd be great.
  5. Wish I could go. Too bad Washington and Florida are kinda...opposites.
  6. Just as an alternate suggestion to Bugzilla, I'm in the beta for another game and they have a UserVoice thing set up on their beta site where users can provide feedback and suggestions and whatnot other users can vote up the ones they like (each user in that case is given a limited number of votes, say 50 or so, so you have to pick and choose what you vote on), and the devs can flag things with tags such as "looking into it" or "in the works" or "not happening" or whatever. I think that other game, since it's a more open genre than an adventure game and is already in testing, might have a bigger place for feedback and ideas than Reds does, and a downside of UserVoice is that it apparently costs money, but I just thought I'd pose the suggestion because I was REALLY impressed with how well it worked on that other site.
  7. -The world where all the placeholder art goes after the real art has been put into games (not limited to Reds placeholder art). The Lumberjack could live here if he doesn't make it into the real art category. >_> -Inside a HDD that's several TB huge but only has a couple GB of space used.
  8. Another native speaker of boring ol' English here. I can also speak German but I haven't used it in a while so I'm quickly forgetting it. D:
  9. These are all pretty great. Honestly I think the red TexturePacker license one looks like it would be a cool effect to actually intentionally use somewhere, in something, someday. (Maybe with slight modifications for scene composition and with text that's not about licensing.) There's something both creepy and ...newspapery about it.
  10. So far I've only backed DFA and Shadowrun Returns. There are lots of other things I've wanted to back but I'd go broke if I backed them all, so I couldn't.
  11. Yay, update! Supposedly that was like a 20-minute video but it felt like about 5. These videos are so amazing; I just finished this one and already I'm like, "Okay, next update, please. Moar!" Kidding, I don't want to be one of those insatiable fans. lol ...But seriously I could watch this stuff all day and it would never get old. >.>
  12. Some world where either cats or dragons are actually good. >_> Tired of seeing them being evil or just dumb monsters. Some kind of level that's a jab at big publishing studios. Bonus points if it's an obvious parody of a real studio. "In" a computer monitor. By that I mean on the computer's desktop able to see the windows and icons and mouse and whatnot, not physically inside the LCD or CRT components, but if you can make that work, then kudos to you. ...I'm not good at this. D: Maybe I'll have more ideas later.
  13. I'm currently finishing up my bachelor's degree in computer science and will be going this fall to a graduate school specifically about video game design, so I chose the "I'm learning" option. I wish I could have done more video game-specific learning during undergrad but I've been too busy doing my real homework. D:
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