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  1. I do not believe you are mistaken. Good catch!Also (and more importantly): I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned that this Kickstarter project has taken on one of the characteristics that they've been hoping to avoid as a studio? One of the problems with having a publisher is the drive for monetary success. Projects are getting more complex, more expensive, and less "able to fail" and thus less able to take risks. Double Fine has made a name for itself as an indie by shipping smaller projects. One of the benefits of this is that one high-profile failure won't sink the studio. But we're hearing lately that everything is being diverted into Broken Age. There's a deadline when the money runs out. Was the Kickstarter too successful? Did it (plus a dose of unfettered creative ambition) create a project that was "too big to fail"? Is it possible that if Broken Age bombs that Double Fine will be crippled? That's the fear I've gotten with this update. Perhaps it's not warranted, though - perhaps the focus on Broken Age in the documentary doesn't really highlight the breadth of what DF has going in terms of other projects. So...how important is Broken Age's success to Double Fine? I get what you're saying, it scares me that they have put so many of their eggs on this basket, but I am sure the game will be great. I just hope the hype generated so far is there when the first part launches, so they can make they'r money back.
  2. What's up with the PS4 comments? Can you make a screenshot? I don't see it. If I am not mistaken thats the ps4 XMB
  3. I love Dropchord and play it constantly at school with my friends. I wanted to know if there would be any updates with more music. Thanks for the great game
  4. The Internet Projected onto the real world!!!!! However I'm sure we don't want the game to be rated beyond M. Yea i guess so, but it would be funny if it was filled with innuendos nothing straight forward.
  5. It works perfectly on my blackberry PlayBook's, browser the only problem is that it took a little while to start but thats probably just my slow internet.
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