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  1. I'm running Waterfox (a 64 bit firefox build), on windows 7 64 bit. It is crisp, and fast responding. this movie began playing almost the moment I clicked start.
  2. In viewing the "It's All Coming Back To Me" sidequest documentary, I noticed Tim Schafer pondering if the Double Fine Adventure should have a large array of verbs. Seeing that, I wanted to make a case for large, complex verb options with equally complex functional interaction suites. So everyone follows me: By verb options, I mean the varied ways in which the player interacts with the world through the current persona. By interaction suites, I mean the array of unique responses associated with any given item, character, or background object. My idea on this is that not only is each interaction a reward for curiosity and interest in the world - which is something I feel is so appealing about adventure games - but also that each interaction defines, adds to, and reinforces the personality of the game world. Let me give an example of something I did on a fangame over at Infamous Adventures (They're having a kickstarter by the way, so if anyone feels like helping them get filthy rich so they can forget the little people and all that other neat jazz you get to do when you're big time famous, give them a look!). In this example, one of my interactions - Roger Wilco examining the cave background while he is sucked into a whirlpool. It was removed due to that area becoming a non-interactive cutscene, so I'm making up an excuse to resurrect it here for sake of example. The idea is simple, taking the time to wonder about their surroundings can reward the player with dialogue that could ease the tension and reinforce the humor of the Space Quest world. Or, at least as well as I am able, I'm certainly not one of the Two Guys. This is from looking at the rock formations in the background of the giant whirlpool room: Roger: ROOM42 NULL Hey, look, there's no hangy-downy-rocky things here. Narra: ROOM42 NULL Stalactites, and yes there are. Some of them have just combined to form rock pillars. Roger: ROOM42 NULL Or any sticky-uppy-from-groundy type rock things. Narra: ROOM42 NULL Stalagmites, they’re the things that combined with the stalactites to form the rock pillars. Roger: ROOM42 NULL And the entire area seems to be some kind of ten letter word meaning spacious, starting with the 'C' from 'stalactites'. Narra: ROOM42 NULL Commodious. Wait, what? Roger: ROOM42 NULL Great! At least I won't die without having finished my crossword puzzle! Narra: ROOM42 NULL *sigh* In this interaction, the idea was to fit the personality of the world, and also reward the kind of person who, even while being sucked into a gigantic whirlpool, still wants to look at, taste, touch, and smell everything. I would like that for the Double Fine Adventure. I don't mean in terms of tone, whether it's silly or serious or meanders through emotions through the course of the story, that's just fine. I'm interested in rewarding the player with interactions that expound upon the world, sate their curiosity, give them hints or simply make them smile. To me that ability to reach the player and entrench their imaginations within that story for a time is extremely important in an adventure game. It's something I personally cannot easily find an analogue for in another genre. Many games have success or failure based on the merits of your actions, in an adventure game, you have a great vast array of treasure chests - the chests being new things to discover - and the very nature of your being there involves finding various keys - in the form of puzzle solutions - to open that next chest. In this way, the greater the actual, useful interactions in a game, the more treasure there is within each increasingly metaphorical treasure box.
  3. Just wanted to set some ideas here, I just popped back in (been away a while so I haven't gotten a chance to contribute). I'm going to go a bit train of thought, and hopefully remember to edit it before hitting post. I'm probably going to add scenario's to some, just to get a feel, we'll see how it goes: Locations: On the top of a giant rampaging ferret's head. In a dry bathtub with a sarcastic, disapproving clone of yourself. Falling through the sky while riding a snowflake. Tim Schafers Forums. Inside a retro game, wondering how you got there. Standing on the tallest blade of grass, just as you hear the lawnmower start. At a family reunion when you're the only one besides them that knows someone's going to propose, someone's going to come out as gay, someone's going to find out they're a father by way of sperm donation, and they're all the same person. Inside an abandoned, automated toy factory that resumed the process of making toys despite receiving no external orders to do so. Where the cool kids are. Where the nerdy kids are. Where swatch watches are still cool. Crammed into the secret nook of your grandmothers house years after your childhood, remembering her kind words while others mingle at the wake. At the mouth of terror with a damn-it-all smile, a hopeless plan and an attitude. Riding the cat. Riding the lightning. Riding side by side with your worst enemy. On top of an artificial cloud near the top of the great biodome, trying to find out if there's a hatch that leads outside. Inside a giant robot's stomach. In the Frozen Thyme cafe, gravity locked in the event horizon of a supergiant black hole, waiting for your ex wife to see you. Sloshing into the Heaven Cent diner on a storm-drowned and unforgiving night, because you can't afford not to take the job. Storming into Nick's Knack's consignment shop, desperately hoping that he hasn't resold the hated pink duck you didn't mean to sell that could just be the key to all this. On top of the spacebar, picking through the crumbs to find the lost oracle discarded among the chocolate donut fragments. Hiding behind the lemon maringue pie, waiting for the bloodthirsty ponies to give up the chase. Lost in a forest of chest hair. Lost in a forest you found in an attic chest. Inside your sister's room, just the way it was all those years ago, wondering why everything is so eerily quiet. In the throne room of the rabbit king, next to the little rabbit girl with the bad limp and the smiling eyes. Waiting at the unmarked grave atop the windy hill. In the forbidden sanctum of light, wondering where those chimes are coming from. At the corner of Hope and Despair, wondering which way to turn. At the window of the abandoned house, watching the baby spiders all rush out from their sac that's in the window. Standing quietly in the lair of the ancient dragon, as he watches you decide where to move your chess piece against him. Standing, tearful and wordless on the other side of the 'plasteel' security glass, knowing your kind and simple savior is going to die as they continue to hopefully repeat through the intercom: 'come with you? come with you, please?' Standing at the legendary, deadly Chasm of Sar, thinking "Gee, this was such a smart idea. I'm so glad I didn't do anything stupid today." In the hidden room behind the wall. At the Cabinet of Medicine, waiting for the pill bottles to render their verdict. On the last warm day before they have to dim the artificial sun, refusing to believe nothing is wrong like everyone keeps insisting. On a warm spring day, in a field, with a flower in your hand, hoping she takes it from you. Inside the broken and beleaguered starship "Heart's Fury", hoping that there is enough power left in her to ride the sunlight home. Inside the giant disco ball, waiting for the world to start turning. Deep within the great tree of life, searching for the signs of its malady. Inside the great pillow fort. Inside the great, abandoned underwater dome. Inside the great grandfather clock. Inside your own dreams, trying to relive what you can't recall so as to regain your repressed memories. In the secret garden, calling desperately into the reflecting pool, waiting for your reflection to turn into them again, wondering where they went. Standing at the edge of truth. At the victory party, trying not to blush as they cheer. In a strange bed, in strange clothes, surrounded by sterile walls and silence. Inside the oven, waiting excitedly to finish baking so that you'll finally be born. At the grand ball, holding a serving tray and hoping your noble colleagues don't notice you. Riding a dandelion floret, hoping the wind holds out until you can make it over the lake.
  4. Just a quick reminder, meisjoe already unsubscribed from this thread. His rhetoric was a bit over the top in some places, sure, but it seemed like once he got it out of his system, he felt more at peace, as you'll see from his last posts in the thread! Be ye not vexed.
  5. Are you trying to make us say we love crepes??
  6. I don't think that's quite right though! It seems some are saying 'forum access' is as important an exclusive to THEM as a t-shirt that says 'i'm a backer' would be to someone who cherishes their physical reward. The distinction between backing and pre-ordering is actually a very important point for that line of argumentation. I may not agree with the nuance, but I certainly understand it, I don't think it's something to sigh over!
  7. Sorry, I wasn't trying to make it more difficult to respond to, but yes indeed they know what bothers people, and I believe a full and proper case has been made. Don't think because I feel differently, I think you're overreacting or being foolish. I'm just making my own case. @meisjoe I honestly never said that what the lowest tier receives doesn't matter, nor did I ever mean to imply it. Sincerely, Double Fine has the most generous 15 dollar tier of any of the projects I've seen and backed to date, and I think those rewards should be honored! Firstly, I didn't make those posts, so considering you're responding to an accusation about me through the gentleman you quoted, I want to make that clear. Secondly, those were quick comments, they were not statements in defense of the action. No one said 'it's not a t-shirt or other more valuable tier so whatever they do doesn't matter', so I took that differently. However, if anyone feels they are being put down, I want to say that I have no desire to do that or be a party to it. My thinking is not that the fifteen dollar tier is less valuable, not in the least, in fact I think it is unequivocally the most valuable in terms of what it's done for the Double Fine Adventure kickstarter. I think you put it very succinctly right there in terms of how everyone views this. Some people think it's a great deal and aren't bothered by nuance, others had a more specific image of what the deal meant and feel snubbed. And I'm glad there is a space here for everyone to talk it out and be heard. Now, on to the pancakes!
  8. There were two points being made when I said that. A> That statement was not in the pledge text, which should be considered the statement of promise as to what a backer at that level will receive. I.e.-that statement was not what you were promised. and B>That statement already contradicted what was true before that - which is that people who pledged outside of kickstarter were getting the rewards which that update referred to with the term 'kickstarter'. So in that way, the point I was making had nothing to do with the frequency of the statement being made, but the circumstance, nature, and intent of that statement (I argued that they didn't consider backers being interested after kickstarter).
  9. You could argue that I'm saying fifteen dollar backers are less valuable, are you going to? Is there substance to that, do you have an argument to make? There are over 47,000 15 dollar backers and only 148 500 dollar backers. It is far more likely that many of the people arguing against you are also 15 dollar backers. Also, if you are not trying to put down fanboys, what did it mean when you said people were fanboys? You seem to say that you weren't a fanboy, and then pointed out you were a consumer, if you are implying that money means more to you, I disagree. I am sincerely listening if you feel I am dismissing you rather than speaking to your points. I cannot find any of this talk, can you point me to it? My best guess is the insults thrown at you, which though they are in the wrong, they were erroneously attacking you on your character, and not your pledge. Indeed, and I've already spoken to this point in the post you replied to. An overwhelming majority of opinion in the forums does not feel betrayed. That you feel someone broke their word doesn't mean others feel the same. I've already spoken on this, but it bears repeating:
  10. They didn't offer forum access or a documentary with Wasteland 2. They also offered an extra copy at the 30 dollar pledge, however, that the Double Fine Adventure did not. I don't reject comparing the two, but the two reward tiers are extremely different. To say wasteland didn't offer rewards implies there was a list of rewards to strip out, when the only thing removed was a skill that won't affect game balance (likely toaster repair, a kickstarter inside joke). As to the price I will concede that, their kickstarter bottom tier did even say that they planned to raise the price. However I consider that more a take on their marketing choices than on their integrity. It seems they think their game will retail for more, whereas Double Fine seems be going for a smaller price tag in the end. That is incorrect, everyone here in the backer forums has something invested in the crowd-sourced model of fundraising. Also, many here including myself are very interested in the implications and realities of crowd sourcing. The pro-crowd source arguments disagreeing with your contention include but are not limited to - A> Kickstarter payments are extremely difficult for people in some regions, opening paypal allows them an option. B> more money for the studio vis a vis a strong and attractive pre-order offer aids Double Fine's success in this, a kickstarter development. The promises do indeed need to mean something, and a majority opinion as expressed here seems to define 'exclusive' and 'private' to still hold meaning if those who preorder via paypal get access to this forum. That is different than 'not meaning to make anything exclusive'. Regarding a lack of clarity, they even made an official post, which is where we are having this discussion, I'm not sure it's fair to say they've been unclear. And I want to invite that those who disagree with you are not saying that the pledge boxes don't have to mean anything, but that the bottom pledge tier promises are still fulfilled if more people (especially those who could not easily pay via kickstarter) could enter. I disagree with both lines of reasoning. Having the wealth to support the game well in excess of the minimum pledge doesn't make someone a fanboy, I don't like the presumption that personal success makes someone less of a person. One could simply have a good deal of money to spend and be very invested in the success of the crowd-sourcing model as it stands. More than that, not everyone that disagrees with you is necessarily affluent. Even more than that, I disagree that your presumption that many more people care about this than are speaking up. Those who did not sign up for the forums are, in my opinion, far less likely to have a strong opinion as to the exacting meaning of 'private' and 'exclusive' with regards to a backer feature they have not availed themselves of.
  11. For any that want to resurrect turn based strategy, there is Banner Saga on kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stoic/the-banner-saga?ref=live It's a shame they seem to be off the mark for hitting their long term stretch goal of 700,000, because an in depth turn based strategy, coupled with the ability to interact with, manage and grow your own city, sounds fantastic to me.
  12. They also never offered private forum access or documentaries for their bottom tier. It is a very different situation, for a different genre.
  13. As one who posted my delicious opinion on things, I want to say that I wasn't trying to hide the discussion, of course anyone can still speak out if they feel there are still things left unsaid. However, we also have a heated minority feeling snubbed not only by double fine, but some feel that way by their fellow backers, it HAS been heated. That kind of heat can sap an otherwise energized group that elsewise unified by their excitement for this project. Being jovial for me was only intended to lighten the mood, in that way my post - however inapposite seeming - was intended to have meaning. Namely, a simple reminder that despite heated disagreements, we all like to smile. I understand seeing this and thinking people are trying to drown your voice in nonsense, but it's not how I intended it. In fact, I bet just a bit of medicinal silly might feel nice if you or anyone is feeling bothered by this issue. If you aren't interested though, I hope at least you are less offended knowing my intentions.
  14. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a crepe. Except that one. But that's an exception.
  15. Ah, so it is! My mistake. That said, however, if you're going to create a topic about a subject, it's normal to have conversation about the topic, that's not something I would worry about too greatly. It goes to the studio. That could be new equipment at Double Fine, a greater budget for the game, or even simply profit!
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