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  1. How was a value of 8 pixels chosen for the border? Does this mean you only use the first few levels of the mipmap so that artifacts don't appear?
  2. This is into the final 24 hours now. It's got a fair amount via PayPal ($43k+), but looks like it'll finish just short of the $800k goal on about $770k or so, unless it gets some press coverage today - but it's more likely any coverage will occur after it closes.
  3. Tony Warriner said that the animation in "The Serpent's Curse" will be at 30 FPS instead of the 12 FPS of the previous (2D) games.
  4. A new Broken Sword game is being kickstarted! It's a 2D game, looking more like a high-res version of the first 2 games, rather than 3 & 4. The original broken sword game is one of my favourite adventure games, so I hope this one gets well funded. Check it out at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/165500047/broken-sword-the-serpents-curse-adventure
  5. Excellent question Borzen. If I'm trying to track down a non-visual issue then the Visual Studio (or XCode) debugger is your friend. For graphical issues it's a bit more tricky. Even though gDebugger is a good tool it isn't quite as good as Pix. These visual debuggers allow you to inspect the state of the GPU, so let's say you want to find out why something looks funky then you can see which texture it uses. Even with that knowledge you still need to deduct how the GPU got into that state though, so you are back to the VS debugger to find the offending state change. Oliver. Are you using the stand alone version 5.8 of gDEBugger or version 6.2 from AMD that is available as a VS Studio plugin? I haven't got VS Pro to check, since I'm only using the express edition & it isn't supported, but I'd assume it's easier to debug using the plugin version, although AMD's newer versions may only be available for AMD cards (which is a shame) since it lists a requirement as "The latest AMD Catalyst driver". Using the GL_GREMEDY_string_marker extension to place log messages into the debug build can be quite handy for understanding the function call history too, but I wish there were an option to store the call stack at every OpenGL call, so you could see where each call was made, rather than only the call stack for the very last function call when it is paused.
  6. This is already being discussed a few threads down: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7147/
  7. Completed the demo. As jonathanfrisby said, it's quite innovative. You have long-term memories that are important memories that generally form when something important has happened, short-term memories which you form by dragging items in the world into your list of short-term memories, and you also have your inventory. It means the dialogue options with characters are quite small by default (generally 1-3 options you can choose from), but you can try asking them about important memories, about any item in your surroundings if you think it may be relevant and also about any item you are holding. Looking forward to the full game now.
  8. Thanks a lot, I almost missed that offer! I was looking for my Broken Sword 1 & 2 CDs yesterday + couldn't find them I could only find BS 3 & 4.
  9. Only 22 hours left, so if you're planning to back, don't delay!
  10. Tim tweeted about Jane's project too, they also did a play through of Gabriel Knight 1 the week before the campaign ended.
  11. A new video update has been posted, with the voice of Ace Hardway's alter ego Cluck Y'Egger, which appears to be voiced by Patrick Warburton (Joe from Family Guy, among many other roles) : Mark Crowe also hinted in the AMA that Ellen McLain (GLaDOS) will be the voice of Rooter, his pet toolbox.
  12. A lot of the tiers are repairing mistakes made at the start to tiers. With the repairs, it's actually better than it looks. Double Fine had the advantage that they were allowed to edit their Kickstarter tier text, whereas most projects unfortunately don't have that luxury. They did a graphical chart for rewards that may be better: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/241404 They also had a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) at http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/upxvi/iam_we_are_guys_from_andromeda_scott_murphy_and/
  13. Irishmile has done some awesome fan art for this campaign (and for other games), you should check it out at http://irishmile.deviantart.com/ Here's a sample of some of it: Lego Two Guys from Andromeda Lego Cluck Y'Egger: Astro Cock Lego Sierra Allstars Recruitment poster
  14. Another indigogo game that looks interesting (but I don't know why they didn't Kickstart it, since that seems far more popular) is Jack Houston & the Necronauts: http://www.indiegogo.com/warbirdgames http://www.warbirdgames.com/games/jack-houston-and-the-necronauts/ It says that it's "A serious point 'n click adventure game in the vein of Full Throttle and The Dig".
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