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  1. Bugs on Linux version (at least): 1. Spiky Thrower or whatever, where you do change Mt.Rockmore effigies - wrong control hints. They say "left arrow, right arrow" to select head and esc to exit, while in reality it is "a, d" to select and "e" to exit. Esc calls menu, as always. 2. Fletus missions are not on the map, still Fluetus himself is present and missions are working (if you bump into him occasionally) (? I dunno, maybe that's a feature of Brutal difficulty?). Or maybe I'm just bumping into him in prior to him showing up on map normally. 3. Some animals, namely Tolluscs (bears) are sometimes spawning in the players view (i.e. visibly out of nowhere), including just damn right ahead. Especially often near Razor fields. Also, I have a feeling that I've got some punch combos that I shouldn't have yet during the initial mission (within temple) - for instance, flashes. But this could be as I've already beat the game once.
  2. Pay $70 and redirect everything to charity to make DF feel bad P.S. I more disapointed that I can't play BL despite of the fact I already own it on Steam, but I can play it if download from HiB. And what about achievements? =)
  3. Eh? Pay-what-you-want is not discounted? I mean, $8 is far less then I've payed for BL (and even less then it's now on sale).
  4. Aaaand. It's just have been released to public. And you may buy it on https://www.humblebundle.com/ Shame steam version missing executable and weights 138Mb right now =) P.S. Lol, it's only soundtrack on steam under the name of Brutal Legend. Seems someone published wrong depots
  5. IT's rather hard to think of location for unknown theme. Should it be comic or realistic? For some reason I think, that nothing "serious" will fit into. Demonic casino. You know, where demons plays for human souls (don't know why they need them) with each other. Or maybe with human souls. Ultra-powerfull Flagship of Ultra-powerfull Fleet of All-mighty Intergallactic Interworld Space Empire. One big hung in space thing with dozens of different monst^W species on it, few captains always arguing who is more captain here. Engeneers always arguing about technology to use, scientics - how universe really looks like. And so on. Pagan world when you may easily run into real god begging for money (there should be _many_ gods. Maybe more then simple man). For some dumb reason. From building an army to conquer the world or just to eat something. [anti-utopic] Overpopulated world/city/country/something where humans was made immortal (by science). With licenses to live for particular period and huge repositories with frozen humans waiting for their turn to live. Nuclear power-plant powering all the world. With all this post-apocaliptic setting around, including huge green-boiling things, people shining in darkness and other silly radiation-stuff.
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