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  1. Could you link where they said this so i can have a little rant. I would except the reason of lack of budget and so on. But this being a consious choice is a bad one. If i could play with my mate couch coop i would, but its not possible, and its just so nuts he can't play this game with me or anyone else because hes all alone on his industrial placement. Its just really sad. We were a pretty excited for this.
  2. Why is it strange for pc version I got an xbox controller keyboard mouse all different control devices. Because PC games have been online or LAN enabled since Doom. And I have trouble picturing my friends and I huddling around a PC screen. Pc games have now had a lot of couch coop added in, trine, jamestown and magika being prime examples. Its just still a surprise when it happens. Any way shame no online coop, we got really excited for a moment there. Still will pick it up and try and do something with it.
  3. There's no evidence saying it does have online coop and just wanted to know for sure. I wanted to do a lets play with my friend who is on his industrial year at the mo and thus can't join me in on it. We would be playing on xbox 360. Its something we really wanna do so would like to know for sure if you can or not. http://www.youtube.com/user/Lastfallproductions This is my channel, we have done a few episode on Ben there Dan that, then Dan went away. Would love to do an adventure game with him again and this seems to be the one. Can someone please confirm and maybe put it somewhere so people know?
  4. I think you should feed them only a little. The stuff that is set in stone. If everyone see's everything then they will just get lost in the void. Its better just to wait. Also this is a big forum anyway. Also we need to all work together, we need to be each others critics. If people say all the crazy stuff we said they would just say its all rubbish. And we all know that's not the case. ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME.
  5. Yeah i have just randomly turned up. Good place to be. Needs more lemon thou....
  6. Hello everyone hows it going. My names Ben and I'm a 20 year old computer science student from Aberystwyth, Wales. I am a fan of all games with a compelling story. I like a story to take my one a journey that i haven't seen before just like with Psychonauts. I became a backer because one day i wanna be a games designer. Sad thing is that its a very very hard place to get to. So the way i see it, if i can come up with some good ideas and get them in the game, then i will be happy with that. Even if i don't make it the whole way. I look forward to working with you all in helping double fine make this Awesome. First idea Polar bear surfing on a giant turtle..... I also like my stories with a little bit of crazy. Not to much, but just enough to throw you off and keep you engaged.
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