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  1. Well shows how much I have been paying attention... But ya open source 2HB and we will gladly fix its non network problems.
  2. Ya that is weird. I also saw one that had the header layout.py (in the Contents->steamworkshop->layouts) but I cant find any program that uses this layout.py feature.
  3. So I am looking at doing a mod with custom maps and .layouts. Is there a way to generate the files without using 2HB (as that is proprietary) or at least a program that could create the layouts and export in a similar format that I can convert. If I can have this with decompiled .lua's in the content folder I would be set.
  4. Ya I was just coming here to see if that was the case as I am trying to do a crazy mod and might need to edit the state generator and I can even freaking do that. It would be awesome if I DONT have to do heavy modding to the source code to see if I am running my mod to get the mod to work.
  5. People who have not gotten the e-mail (like myself) I would recomend that if you signed up or have a humble account then you can go to Claim Past Purchases and it should be there. This will save you time.
  6. To every one saying "Why did they start massive chalice when they are behind on Broken Age" or "I think there is product mismanagement" or something of this sort please take a minute to realize what most of us (backers) are PEOPLE WHO DON'T WORK IN THE GAME INDUSTRY. However I do work in the game industry so let me explain what is going on here. I will start with the whole Massive Chalice Kickstarter, double fine is a HUGE indie studio (about 65+) ALL 65 of them are not working (hell some are probably not even on the developer side) on Broken Age. Here is a list of games DF is working on right now that we know of Broken Age, Dropcord, 2 other non-annouced games (someone from DF please correct me if I am wrong here) and Middle Manager of Justice (for maintenance and other things). the Broken Age team is relatively small (around 10ish people, I have not been keeping count), MMOJ needs only a few people working on bug fixes players run into but grows if new content is to be added, Dropcord I have not seen much but we can assume the team could be bigger than Broken Age, and the other two games have probably a bigger team than Broken Age. I would guess about 10 to 20 people do not have something to do and Double Fine has gone on record saying they do not let people go. Massive Chalice is a solution to this problem (as you could bloat a team and then nobody has time for quality control) as something a team could do (and if the Kickstarter failed you could have them do maintenance or something I dont know I dont work there). Now for the whole Product Mismanagement people. Go right now and look up SCRUM on Wikipedia right now... good now you know some terms I will be throwing out. Greg has said in previous posts and videos that there were several failed sprints. When sprints fail that is not a bad thing (as you can recover) however multiple failed sprints are bad. On top of that Broken Age can only be development with Broken Age (or extra money lying around). IF you throw more people at that team the money will be gone faster and then you still get a crappy game in a quick time. This one is hard to explain how product mismanagement looks like until you dealt with it so I will leave this fight for someone else. All in all I LOVED this idea of 2 parts and wish the DF team the best.
  7. Oh yeah the hardware architecture of consoles is very often quite different, which means that you have to change quite a few things to get the most out of the hardware. I'm not allowed to talk about specifics, but both the PS3 and XBox had their pro's and con's in terms of video memory access. Thanks for the reply and I totally understand, but one last one (that I am sure everyone who is a programer wants to know) Also since I have the feeling that you know just about as much as the PS4 as the rest of the gaming community does the switch to x86 and more PC gaming like features really make you happy or is there still a need for heavy optimizations for each one. I wish I could barrow you for a day and a half to just learn about all this stuff. Thanks again.
  8. This saddens me greatly but at the same time it makes me happy as said earlier in this thread that now the IPs might go back into the wild. It also makes me happy as in recent memory a good chuck of Lucasarts games were awful. I just hope Tim and Ron can get back the rights to their work and even if nothing happens with it just to know they have their work back makes me happy.
  9. Thanks Oliver for your prompt reply. I also liked your memory hierarchy bit at the end and that has prompt me to ask another question. Does the fact that game consoles have different layouts (not the standard Registers->L1->L2->RAM->GPU (GPU RAM) cause issues with run times of different algorithms or even how you choose to pass in thing or do calculations. I know with the Xbox 360 the layout is not traditional as the GPU is before the RAM and if you cache miss you have to go threw the GPU to get to the ram. If you don't know that is fine I am just curious and love it that you even just take time to make the first post. Happy Programming!
  10. I love this as I am in a graphics programing course and a game engine course right now in college. I do have a question what openGL packages do you use, if you can tell us. For those who dont know what I am talking about or maybe help clarify my question is that openGL does not have one SDK download and you are good like DirectX does. It has multiple different packages that are used to get the frame work. For example I use for (said graphics class) GLEW, GLM and GLFW. GLEW is a group of extensions for open gl, GLM is math libraries, and GLFW is the open GL frame work. There are tons of these that all do about the same thing just different ways of accessing them, I think (Please let me know if I am wrong as I do like learning about this stuff). Also for a different question is everything at double fine OpenGL (I understand for this project as you can make "one" engine for all of the supported devices) or is there some Direct3D development happening as well? Thanks Oliver and please keep up with these awesome updates. I love this technical stuff.
  11. Dear Double Fine team, I did not get to watch most of the amnesia fortnight live streams as I am in college working my butt off to come work for you guys (or anywhere in the game industry). I do have to say thank you though to you. If it was not for Psychonauts my crazy ideas would still feel that way, crazy. I want to thank you for showing me that the 6 year old me was right, I am going to make video games when I grow up. I wish I could trade my college education and give it all to you guys to just make more games (seems rash but I feel the outcome would make me just as happy). I never thought in a million years I could just tell anybody who made the games I love just how much I love them. Thank you Double Fine, I think these are the words I have been trying to say in this little message. Borzen
  12. For real where are they located as I want to be up to date on the action when I have downtime. Thanks
  13. I see it as fair. It is still not pricey for what you are getting but at the same time you missed $15 you are now going to have to do 30.
  14. Dang. I love this forum. Can all of the programmers just "barrow" Oliver for a day and just pick his brain about stuff (like a private AMA). This would be great at the purposed backer con 2013 I just saw too on here.
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