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  1. I think the titel is perfectly okay, but for me this game will always be Double Fine Adventure. The game is the sum of all the experiences connected to DFKA: the documentaries, the forum, the polls and of course the actual game. That's the way I see it.
  2. Really interesting article with positive vibes! The time is coming when we backers have to "share" Broken Age with the rest of the world - and I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully a lot more than 90.000 people will enjoy the finished game.
  3. I really agree with the way you see DFKA and the game as one big experience. I find it very interesting that you in a way "play the game" before you actually play it. I have heard more people being a bit nervous that the documentaries etc. would ruin their game experience, but I totally want to be involved as much as possible. I think it will be even more fun to play the game, because I have watched the game in the making. I guess you and your husbands can have some fine conversations about pro and cons of being involved or not after you have played the game.
  4. I have been wondering... Usually you don't get to follow a game development as openly as has been the case with DFA (or now Broken Age). Personally I have never been more engaged in a game before. All this talking, thinking, guessing and listening has been quite an experience on its own! How do you think our engagement as backers will affect the way we play the game? I already have so many expectations and hopes for the game because of the whole kickstarter experience that I will definitely bring some of these presumptions with me when I play the actual game. So what do you think on this topic? Will playing Broken Age be different from other game experiences?
  5. By inviting the viewers into the Double Fine office you are putting a (friendly) face on the industry, and it's really nice to see! Still, it's a question of balancing the personal/private and the professional/game related, I think. I must agree with some of the other backers that some of the scenes in the documentary are wandering a bit of topic (the making af DFA).
  6. I have just read the whole thread and when I think of all those positive declerations of backers wanting to donate more money to the project I'm not impressed by the amount of money in the tip-jar. Have people overlooked this opportunity for further backing the project? http://www.doublefine.com/dfapay/ As the rest of the restless backers (try saying that when you're drunk) I'm looking forward for episode 8...
  7. I'm playing "Kings Bounty - Warriors of the North" at the moment. Completed "Armored Princesse" for the second time in the fall, so it was just great with a new Bounty-adventure! I would wish I had more time for gaming though...
  8. Former Windows-user but I've surrendered to Mac. So I'm going to play the game on my MackBook Pro...
  9. Lovely to hear about the people behind Double Fine. Loved the Hitler story as well ha, ha. Looking forward to episode 8!
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