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  1. well I use the flac version and that one only has the 23 tracks and there should be 30 now that act 2 is out The MP3 version includes the 30 track album. thats all good but I use FLAC so I hope they update that soon because its only 23 and I downloaded it like 5 min ago
  2. well I use the flac version and that one only has the 23 tracks and there should be 30 now that act 2 is out
  3. is there a ETA on when thats gonna happen? I can see that the new track are already available on itunes
  4. you should put a little more faith in doublefine. The game is not done and we have gotten what we asked for if not more. when the game is done they will start looking the the physical copies of game, soundtrack and behind the scenes.
  5. I don't know why it does but its a easy fix just use the alt+enter and it does full screen. I run windows 8.1 and my desktop resolution is 1980x1200. I can see in the settings when I get it to full screen that the resolution is corect so it must be a startup file that is set to window mode. not a big deal but just pointing it out
  6. when you are talking to the years space controls there are 2 point where the lips of shay are out of place compared to his body movement
  7. yes thank you so much for doing this!!! I am so hyped for the game its gonna be great
  8. I have a question for Greg or anyone from the team that can answer it. you are releasing broken age in 2 parts now where act 1 is gonna be on steam early access. My question is what about the beta access that people pleged for is that gonna be act 1? or will there be a beta access for both act that we get access to ?
  9. I think we should do nothing and let DF do what they do best and thats make games. normally people like us don't get to see or be a part of this proccess and if DF haven't told os anything about something has to be cut we wouldn't have cared less when the game launched if it lived up to the hype. nobody like to year things get cut but they do and that may or may not be a bad thing just have to wait and see. and again when the game has launch and sold well they can put this content out with the money they have earned from the sales and sell it like a direct cut add on and maybe give it to the backers for free. I have faith in them so they figure it out
  10. well this episode brings concern but I think its all gonna work out. this is the first game that DF is doing something like this so just believe ind them even if tim cuts a lot of things from the game what they could do is after the game is finished and stills they can use that money to make the cut stuff into DLC and sell that to people and give the backers it for free. I know DLC in an adventure game is not really something you can do other then by designing it the way from the start but maybe do it like a directs cut of the game instead. this has been done before and I think at some point we will see the whole thing.
  11. I was thinking roots as in Ron first game and scumm script language but I agree maybe we should go all the way back but imo MM is close
  12. there is only one game on the list that has to be played and that is Maniac Mansion. I know all the games on that list and played them but I think we should start that the roots of point and click and that is the game.
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