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  1. I'd love a newgame+ mode. I want to play the single player again on brutal difficulty but I've already collected everything in the game. I would probably play again on brutal difficulty if some of those unlocks could carry over. Not story unlocks but if: the bound serpents remained unlocked with the health bonus. buried metal so there's a wide range of songs in the beginning, some solos, and some of the purchased upgrades could carry over that would be great for a second playthrough. They could even add new collectibles only for brutal difficulty so there's still reason to explore again.
  2. Tim and Brad Muir will be on Giant Bomb's multiplayer live show, Thursday Night Throwdown, playing Brutal Legend on PC. The show is today at 4 PM PST at giantbomb.com.
  3. I have played through the intro and I have yet to see an onscreen "tool tip" that explains how to do moves. Not the full screen ones, but the little ones at the bottom.
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