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  1. Ah!! Thank you so much! I AM SUPER HAPPY! The hot glue burns were totally worth it! And Ear Ford is a big fan of you too... but mostly your bacon. Me and my sister thank you sooooo SO MUCH! EEE~
  2. Everyone's entries have been so awesome! And I've actually got a few costumes my sister and I have donned to spread the Double Fine love! My Ophelia Costume My sister as a Razor Girl And I think ~ Our Psychonauts Costumes ~ have already graced the forums but I put so much love and work into making them that here they are again.
  3. Hello~! I just thought I'd add my two cents to the fan art community here... so that's what I'm doin'! Enjoy! ... or don't enjoy? I can't make you enjoy it. Though I can pretend. :3 Dr. Loboto and Mr. Pokeylope The Butcher The Baker and the... no wait that's not right... is that bunny in a tutu? Watch out Japan... the Gman cometh AND! Manny Calavera Thank you for your time and the use of your eyeballs... and index finger... click click.
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