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  1. I started playing as Shay, and waited for some indication story-wise that I could change character. I actually played through Shay's story before I saw the "switch" icon!
  2. You will get what you paid for when the game is finished. Until then you have access to the beta through Steam as promised.
  3. Act 1 in its current state crashed on me 3 times, but the autosave-function let me start at the exact place every time, so that wasn't so bad, considering this is still labeled a "beta". I loved the story, the characters, the music and the graphics. I would have liked some of the backgrounds to be in higher res, but obviously that doesn't take anything away from the gameplay. I "beat" the act in about 3 h and 40 m, and I think I tried everything and used up every dialogue tree. I didn't really get stuck, which is both good and bad. I guess I would have liked to get "a little stuck", if you know what I mean. If act 2 is a little harder or "longer" than act 1, then this would end up being a 6-8 hour adventure game for an experienced adventure gamer. I think that is very ok! But just like a movie or a book or a song, you shouldn't make it longer just to make it longer. The story, the narrative and and the gameplay has to flow - and for act 1 it really did! I didn't feel anything was missing. Considering we still have the entire second act to look forward to, and all the documentaries, the downloadable soundtrack and all the physical stuff we got in the mail, I really think we are getting bang for our bucks! So far, Broken Age is a GREAT GAME and a good experience.
  4. LOL. You are being such a drama queen! We were promised: "The finished game in all of its awesome glory DRM free on PC, Mac, and Linux, or via Steam for PC and Mac, exclusive access to the Beta on Steam, access to the video series, and access the private discussion community." Why are you crying?
  5. Amazing first act. I found it a little easy, but the story is really good! I'm looking forward to act 2! I think you should be very proud of this game.
  6. What's up with the PS4 comments? Can you make a screenshot? I don't see it.
  7. It's funny you should mention that. I actually watched this with 4 girls falling asleep on my chest! I couldn't sleep though - this was a very entertaining sidequest!
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