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  1. Yep that should already be in the development branch. I'm not sure how far it is in the release branch, but I'm sure it'll appear soon. It was pretty simple actually. I added a new class called MOAISkinnedMesh that inherits from MOAIMesh. It is responsible for setting the bind-pose matrices up and for calculating the current set of skin transforms. Then I send these to the graphics device which will bind them to the shader (if it uses skinning matrices). In order for that to work I also had to extended the MOAIGfxDevice and MOAIShader and I wrote a version of the mesh shader that uses the skinning matrices. So all you need to do from the Lua side is to setup the scene hierarchy and tell the skinned mesh deck which joints it needs to consider and there you go... Hello I've been poking around in the getmoai.com website, their forums, and the public moai gethub repository and I can't find any mention of MOAISkinnedMesh. Anyone have any insight into when or where we might be avaliable? Thanks!
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