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  1. This is so cool indeed! Console seller for me if they remake it with the heart of the original intact. Nice that Disney endorsed it, and was there also another development studio involved or something? Edit: Nope, twas me who heard wrong when they said "Double Fine in tandem with our third party production team" =)
  2. I just recieved a hotlink to my kickstarter email, which you then can open into your humble bundle account and activate on steam =) so the kickstarter email should recieve an email!
  3. But I don't have the same email for the two so Double Fine couldn't possibly know that I have a Humble Bundle account. Is this a problem? Hmm.....
  4. You got it from Humble Bundle?? I don't have the same email setup for kickstarter and humble bundle.. where is it gonna pop up i wonder...
  5. Thank you Tim and Double Fine, it's been incredible for us as well!! /b
  6. Exciting to play part 1! The graphics look more amazing every video I watch of it. Regarding the quote above, is part 2 going to be longer than part 1 (I must have missed that in the documentary)? Cheers!
  7. Don't know if it's been mentioned, but Curse of Enchantia is an old gem. I think it is abandonware nowadays.
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