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  1. Another great episode, thank you so much. Take your time, it's done when it's done.
  2. There is a workaround, quit the game before performing the final action for one of these achievements, disconnect your gamepad, restart the game and only use your keyboard and the achievement will pop up.
  3. Why is everyone crying about "game breaking glitches" when they're just stuck... srsly Marsbergen has your solution. There are only few real game breakers yet, most people are complaining for nothing.
  4. Please fix the achievements for gamepad players and also remove the whole player 1/2 determination for the achievements. It's disappointing when you beat the game 5 times just to see the most important achievements don't work
  5. It doesn't need a HD remake, it still looks great. I would love to see Psychonauts 2 instead
  6. Well maybe in your timezone, but not in mine. The delay means I will not be able to play before tomorrow evening
  7. what are you crazy? of course there is a linux version! Call me crazy, but on steam / amazon / whatever there's no mention of a linux version..... crap, i don't want to install windows just to play this game! Calm down, isn't a tweet from Ron Gilbert confirmation enough? "This just in: The Cave PSN + Wii U on Jan 22 and XBLA + Steam on Jan 23. Plus... Mac and Linux on Steam Play!! "
  8. Delayed for me too, says now 23h to go
  9. Search under "C" for Cave in your library and not "T" for The Cave. Luxury problem of big game libraries Besides that, yes it's not fully integrated yet, achievements, forum and community hub still missing.
  10. Just bought it, can't wait for the release
  11. Seems like I have a similar problem, is there really no way to completely restart Meat Circus? I've collected everything so far but I'm missing some figments in the Meat Circus. As there is the "Victory Tour - Revisit all brains after completion" achievement I thought I can enjoy the game/finale and return to all brains after beating the game and collect all the missing stuff. Well, so far it worked fine and I revisited all brains and collected all missing figments, cobwebs, baggages until now, when only the last one, Meat Circus, was left. But everytime I enter the level it starts in one of the final boss fight rounds and I can't get back outside of the tent or restart from the beginning and there is no teleporter? I already tried to run out of lives, but it restarts in the stage of the boss battle where I died. As my last savegame is quite old, is there really no way to collect the missing figments outside the tent after completion? =(
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