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  1. I thought it's super interesting how the different prototypes worked with voices and I thought it really affected the experience I had with the games. *Everything I write here takes into consideration that it's just a fast-built prototype and that the teams did an amazing job either way!* Mnemonic: Though it maybe the most "atmospheric" one, the voices were really plain and (sorry to say) a bit boring. This could really bring a game down. Steed: Hard to say, the narrator voice sits perfectly, the stable boy's voice - I loved it in the 2PP video from the session but within the game it somehow really felt out of place. And finally, the horse sound samples just lacked "character" if you can say that. Maybe it was a mixing issue but it really sounded like a cool boy talking to a microphone followed by a sample of a horse. Which is what it was but you know what I mean. Dear Leader: Such a clever workaround that totally works. It can be a bit comical but not to the point that you can't take the game seriously. I was really skeptical when watching the videos (and so was Anna if I can tell by her facial expression) but it really worked in the final game. I would totally keep something like that in mind if this ever gets scaled up to a full game. And finally, Little Pink Best Buds which is probably why I'm writing this thread: It's really amazing how pretty-much-everyone's inability to act works perfectly for this surreal experience. And I think Raz / Big Leg is the best example. He has most of the lines and he reads them in the most unusual way - no actor would ever read them. It's like the weird take of each line is in the game, including little awkward pauses and stumbles "be.. betray me". Any other game it would have been ridiculously out of place but for this specific experience it ties the whole thing together. Like, even when the lines are played on top of each other, Big Leg's delivery still makes it work. As for the other voices, well it just sounds like a fun day for the DF guys which is totally great for this specific game. But it also made it extra evident why games have voice acting budgets.
  2. frankie

    Help? (spoiler)

    AHHH GOT IT (I just needed the right distance I guess)
  3. frankie

    Help? (spoiler)

    I got the Skyline key but I don't understand where to use it. The only place where I saw a skyline is in the alley after I used the lamp there but I can't find a use point..
  4. Hey DF folks, I may be confused but I only now found the YouTube videos with the 10 finalists announcement and interviews. I am subscribed to the channel but I only get weekly updates - and in the video itself it looks like you have chat sessions open. Where is the schedule of these things (when they're live) published?
  5. I don't know about you but I felt intuitively more connected to projects presented by people who were featured in the Broken Age documentary, and especially to the ones who had a SideQuest about. It was like, I could see not only the suggested prototype pitch but I could imagine (a little bit) the motivation behind it. So of course, it's not like automatic - but I did feel, for example, yeah, Anna should totally make a Soviet-influenced game. (I think if she used that accent some more they would do a sequel too).
  6. Have you seen this video of Tim (and staff) talking about puzzles in theory? I think where I'm coming from is sort of what he talks about around minute 12:00.
  7. Thank you for that post WITH screenshots - that's really a clear way to see it. But what I don't manage to get my head around, regarding to the cycle: everyone seems to expect only one maiden to be picked up at a feast, while Marek insists on picking up as many as possible (even if not all of them), before they stop and escape. It seems like this cycle is already different from others - and it breaks the uniform "pick meeeee!" idea of the feasts.
  8. The transporter head-shrinking puzzle. I saw this one mentioned in of the Steam reviews and it was exactly the way I experienced it. I mean, I was walking around the ship for discovery and it was before actually talking to Marek about what I need to be doing. Once I used the transporter once/twice I realized my head is shrinking, and in the room with the radiation I figured I'm supposed to get the helmet to fit. But all of this happened before I knew WHY I'm actually going to this room or what is this "orb" mentioned in the lines. I'm pretty sure that Tim gave this kind of situation as an example in some speech I watched on GameSpot(?) about adventure games. The case where the player solves a puzzle without realizing why he's done it. I don't know what should be done about it really, because intuitively I'ds say "block the option to go there before relevant dialog is triggered" but I know that a lot of people complain about the "interactive-story" vibe and limiting options would not help improving on that.
  9. So first off, THE ENDING WAS AWESOME and my jaw dropped But now, I'm trying to understand some things. If the boy story and girl story are happening at the same time: On the first "rescue" mission Shay does with Marek, he picks up several creatures but doesn't have the time to rescue one that remains. This could correspond to the first maiden's feast in which three maidens are chosen but not Vella. It's similar in his second mission, and we actually know that in Meriloft there's that depressed girl who was not "chosen". (By the way, I think you actually could finish the game without interacting with her once, no?) The above two missions-feasts could be in reverse order (Can't remember if the feast of Meriloft was before the one Vella first participated in). But then it's all pretty weird. The monster is supposed to come every several years and select ONE maiden, according to tradition. But it seems that though the ship IS the monster, the picking up of maidens is not a part of its "usual" functionality, since Marek is operating behind the back of the ship's computer... Anyone has theories about this?
  10. That part about the "2 girls on my lap". I thought THE SAME THING but decided to not post anything. THANK YOU for putting that in the documentary
  11. I played Vella's part of the game with my girlfriend who is not a gamer. We were both very impressed with the art style, and loved the writing, but secretly I was worrying that the whole thing was a bit too easy. It felt like I would almost accidentally solve puzzles before understanding what I'm doing.. Then I played Shay's world on my own - and it started off similarly, especially as the environment and navigation were limited at first, intentionally. But I kept playing, and even though I didn't feel REALLY challenged, I did feel like I'm inside a great story, and that whatever is happening is interesting and funny. And also, surprisingly stable and solid for a "beta". And then, with the ending sequence, my jaw just dropped. The whole thing got deeper and better and I eventually know that no matter how long or challenging act 2 will end up being, it's already totally worth the wait and the money. Thank you for making another awesome Double Fine game, and the documentary is just one of the best ongoing/online experiences I've ever had.
  12. Reading this thread and smiling so much right now THANK YOU, and indeed - the documentary made this whole experience just amazing! It's downloading........
  13. Of course I'm not talking about "blur on everything". I thought the blurs were part of the journey. And I'm not sure if on rewatching I wouldn't want to just do that journey again.. but yes, of course I could use the streaming versions.
  14. I just read the last update from Double Fine saying that: As much as that makes sense, I would actually really love to show this documentary to my friends and loved ones (and force-show it to my enemies). So I would actually really appreciate if you consider keeping the spoiler blurs, as it's not SO crazy important to see what is on Tim's board (and it even ruins the joke a little), but on the other hand it can completely ruin the experience of watching the documentary (up to the current episode) for anyone who hasn't yet played the game. And yes, I understand that the next episodes will require people who watch them to have played Act I, but that could definitely be a marked "point of no return, here be spoilers". This would also be in line with what was mentioned in other threads, about having a specific "spoiler-full" episode after the full game ships.
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