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  1. I feel like something's missing. A lot of the game works wonderfully as I expected: humor, dialogue, art and music. They're all fantastic, but what I was not expecting is how shallow the game would be gameplay-wise. We were promised and oldskool PnC adventure. This is more like "my first PnC". I want to get stuck in these games, I want a large inventory, I want more locations and more options. The simplification of the interface is one thing (I'm not a fan personally, but I can let that one pass), but simplification of the puzzles is just a major offense. This was supposed to be for oldskool fans, but they made it for modern, casual audiences. I'm absolutely not saying I dislike the game or feel my $250 donation is wasted, but I'm just disappointed that (so far) the game just isn't what was promised. Very much looking forward to act 2, maybe it'll come into its own then and my complaints will be dissipated.
  2. I certainly wouldn't want DFA to be like WD. It's fine for what they went for: an interactive film. I'm expecting DFA to be a little bit more complex than that, give me options, give me items, give me an inventory for me to browse and give me the freedom to experiment with said items on the environments. This is still supposed to be a graphic adventure.
  3. Try to log to kickstarter, it should be displaying a big info and a button: "Reward Survey! Double Fine and 2 Player Productions needs some info to deliver your reward for Double Fine Adventure". Ah I must have missed that bit, thanks man.
  4. Hmm I don't seem to have gotten the survey (pledged 250, so that's not the problem). My mailbox has been full thanks to my dad sending me way too many photo's and I think the mail may have been blocked or something. Any way to fill out the survey any other way? Thanks.
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