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  1. Don't like the results so far When will this vote closed?
  2. Horizontal (Full Throttle style) 5 more please! update: 7 now :-)
  3. Agree to that one. As simple as bad: it's in our nature.I participated in a seminare a while ago; it was about brainstorming sessions and how to getting the maximum out of it. If you want to to something new than you have to ask people what you have to do that it goes WRONG!! Because our brain is - for whatever reason - working better thinking in this way. It works; you're getting more feedback. When you than turn each message into a positive one you got a huge list of things that matters :-)
  4. glad that I don't have to care about what you do request or not.And of course I "lol" at this. We're talking about a game. Some love it - some hate it - some are not super satisfied about it. So what? Does the world turn into a better place when we follow your appeal? Doubt that! I really like the energy you want to put into this - but I would love to see that you put it into something meaningful. Just saying :-)
  5. Well... guess you have to do it anyway ;-)"$100: Special edition box containing both the game disc and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the documentary" I would be fine with 5 or more blu-ray discs with all the single episodes but I guess that won't happen ;-) Looking forward to both the box and the docu on blu-ray!!
  6. Word!Well.. if -v- wins I guess the box art will be different. More like the retail version: http://www.amazon.de/EuroVideo-00784-Broken-Age/dp/B00S1HJRT4/ref=pd_sim_vg_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0QSBXAQS3JWE1Z8263SB But there already is a retail version which is vertical so one more reason to vote horizontal!!
  7. Stop at 500? First box design that hits 500 votes win? Or when does this ends?
  8. Horizontal (Full Throttle style) Horizontal (Full Throttle style) Horizontal (Full Throttle style) !!
  9. What kind of Big box shall we make? Vertical (Day of the Tentacle style) 423 Horizontal (Full Throttle style) 424 Thanks to everyone in participating. Votes are over! OVER! 424 to 423 for HORIZONTAL! Clear position! ;-)
  10. Always surprised how different opinions could be.But it's ok. At the end it's just a game. Not saying it's bad but not saying it's very good at all. It's an average and casual game which game away so much potential, especially on the story-telling (character development) and puzzle-part. But again, just a game. I remember a speech about "Do's and don'ts in making adventure games". One "don't" was to not include to many mini games because they are seen as padding. Have to agree.
  11. Word!And for all who are still not sure what to vote or who are seriously planning to click 'vertical' by accident.. ..I invited a little pal over. Please come closer and look deep into the eyes of Hypnotoad: Thanks! :-) Now vote H-O-R-I-Z-O-N-T-A-L
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