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  1. Don't think that it'll make a difference when it comes to haters, but it will be a great document for people interested in the development of games. I know it's something I would've loved to watch as a kid. I'm all for releasing it. Also, don't have a gap between the game being out for backers and non-backers. It's not worth it. We don't need it.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's only the OP that has a problem with this announcement. He just posts a lot. I don't have a PS4, and will never have one. I'm pretty sure that it's coming to PC eventually. I can wait. This is wonderful news, and it gives me a perfect excuse to play through it with my son. We are currently working our way through Monkey Island, and it's been a terrific experience for us. Great news. Thanks, Tim.
  3. What an excellent episode. Wonderful work, 2PP. Well done, and thanks for sharing.
  4. My wife and I really want a "Big leg sits alone" one. (But maybe with him actually sitting, like in the original drawing?) Both shirts are must-buys.
  5. I imagine most of the "I expected to be able to do this" feelings you got is because those elements will be part of future puzzles in Act 2. After all, Shay is now in Vella's world, and will be walking along the same areas. _He_ will be the one that will get past the snake, and into a new area. _She_, on the other hand, will be able to ride the train again somehow. It only seems logical to me.
  6. Thanks for the reply, Vectorferret. Believe me when I say that I have no illusions when it comes to learning how to program games - which is why I am looking into ready-made engines such as the ones I mentioned. The thing is, depending on how much these tools (which were created specifically for an adventure game) streamline the process in Moai, it might become a possibility. Or not. But I thought I'd ask. And thanks for the analogy! It warms all the cockles, I tell you.
  7. Greetings, everyone. I apologize for creating a new topic, even though some of these questions have already been answered elsewhere. I have followed the updates on Broken Age closely, but I'm still not quite clear on a couple of points and I figured that either someone from DF or from the forums could help me. Even though I'm a civil engineer with limited programming skills and a full time job, I have been dreaming of making a game. An adventure game. I have been looking into game engines that I could purchase licenses to and then learn how to use, such as Visionaire (the one Deponia used) or Game Maker (Gunpoint), since that seems more feasible than becoming a C++ expert overnight. However, just the other day I remembered that Broken Age was going to be based on Moai, which is open source. And that, if I remember correctly, they had promised to release some tools they had developed for Broken Age. Now, this would force me to learn C++ and Lua to some unknown extent, but I'm willing to give it the old college try. So the questions are, in case you guys know: a) Will DF release those tools, as I think I remember they said? b) What tools are these? Anyone knows? And I guess this is a question for Oliver or some other game programmers: Do you think this is a feasible platform for a novice to learn? I was thinking of making a basic, basic adventure game. I'll appreciate any information. And sorry if I'm not posting in the subforum I should! EDIT: Complementary question, in case Moai turns out to be a no-no. Which engine, either open source or with cheap licenses, should a simpleton like me choose? So far, I know of Game Maker, Visionaire, Wintermute and Adventure Game Studio. Has anyone used them before? (Please let me know mods if you want me to move this thread to another subforum.)
  8. I never post. I'm too jaded about discussions on the Internet. However, I would like to say that SurplusGamer is a champion of rationality and good manners. so thank you for your tireless work to beat down ignorance and typical Internet overreaction. As someone who visits the forum regularly to find news about Broken Age, his posts (and others like it) are a breath of fresh air. No one will care about any of this if Broken Age is a good game. That's the bottom line.
  9. I haven't participated in these forums before, but I've been following the development and greatly enjoying the documentaries. Considering the outpouring of doubt and bitterness after this episode, I felt compelled to make note of my support. As you said, you promised we would get to see what game development is like, and you delivered. It's been wonderful, and has turned me into a DoubleFine fan. This is the kind of thing no one thinks about when it comes to other games like Planetary Annihilation, because no one knows anything about their scope or budget. You guys are pioneers when it comes to being open to your fans - and sometimes that has negative consequences. Good luck. The game is looking beautiful. And thanks for sharing.
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