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  1. Nitpicker's Corner

    this is off-topic nitpicking
  2. Nitpicker's Corner

    here goes nothin. and yeah, i think that counter's shade isn't too right even if it was the same in the original. it should be clear on HD. and that truck's shade isn't right, is it?
  3. Nitpicker's Corner

    speaking of which, how about this light's direction??! its clearly wrong, cuz he is supposed to be hiding there! and it isnt like that in the original. i assume its a layering bug, and it is supposed to go on the opposite side of the wall. if it isnt a layering bug then its blindness
  4. Nitpicker's Corner

    i have a long list of nitpicks. but i am not gonna dig for them again, i will just cut it into 2 major problems: - layering problems, i found like 4 - some places still feel pixelated and some specific spots and i am not gonna argue here about the controls and random stutters and not gonna mention stuff we mentioned before, like: shade bug under the tower, beams of light...etc
  5. Nitpicker's Corner

    there is also a glitch appears in the footage as shown below: the final frame in the scene is pixelated
  6. Nitpicker's Corner

    i also forgot to mention ben's bike glass, it looks great on luisImage's fan art, while it look like a big piece of ASPIRIN in the remastered version! (maybe maureen want it like this) also the bottom part on the front is just black in the remastered version where maureen is fixing it.
  7. Nitpicker's Corner

    some stuff that can get a fix. what do you guys think? in the first picture: i think the gas can needs a clear redraw instead of just removing the pixels, cuz it feels kinda vectorized. in the second picture: the shadow is kinda...doesnt match? in the third picture: the machine's light is looking like a 3d object? EDIT: and how about a clear version of the mink ranch's picture instead of blurry one?
  8. Nitpicker's Corner

    i watched the footage streamed by gog on twitch, and i found some stuff that needs a fix: 1- ben's fingers are still behind the throttle grip. 2- layer bugs on todd's house scene and when entering (and i found that the scene was bugged too in the original game) 3- the clouds in the night area arent moving like the original.
  9. was maureen's model inspired from casey ackley? and i wonder if you gonna show some new screenshots any soon?
  10. well as i see from your avatar.. you doesn't seem to be good you might be right...but i havent done anything illegal from playing "murder simulators" so i may not be normal, but im not violent. oh and i doubt i will fit into the corset either. cause ross is alot skinnier than me. but im willing to try. i know what do you mean i was only kidding
  11. well as i see from your avatar.. you doesn't seem to be good
  12. Curse of monkey island fan art

    thanks for your comment. well here's another one: http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/9431/guybrush002.jpg http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/462/guybrsuhthrepwoodk.jpg
  13. Not for PC?

    not worth it trust me cus most games or u can say all new coming games on the Xbox360 should be released on PC
  14. Curse of monkey island fan art

    here is one of my drawings about mi3 http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/6257/mi3o.jpg