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  1. Thanks for the help, got it now.The problem, IMO, is that Ida is such a literal tool and it's hard to indicate names to search for without explicitly saying them. To me it was intuitive that I needed to acess some data structure the warden is comparing the player to to decide his behaviour and alter that. I felt this kind of implementation had been explicitly hinted by the 'queenSpriteGaveHearts' artifact which governed a very analogous conversation earlier in the game. After realizing the alternate solution it's really reminding me of one of The Cave's weakest points for me, where my intuitive solution was to pour my water bucket on the burning dynamite when I was expected to instead catch the dynamite in the bucket and was stuck for ages. Afterward I quite enjoyed the script editing stuff, although I did have to look up bytecode definitions a bit to understand them properly.
  2. Any chance of a hint on the Warden? I've gone seemingly everywhere I can find, found Ida and Halcyon and so on but after that all I can see moving on with is * Unreachable chest in the room with the fireball shooters. * Permanently closed GateBars 2 in the room where you get the sword back. * Ida can't seem to find the Warden or his prisoner roster so I can remove myself. * DemonHand past some guards that removes my sprite and brings up the loading screen but leaves me alive if I exit said screen. and none of them seem to be giving me any kind of forward progress.
  3. Nah, it's still pretty applicable actually. I've had my share of fun editing values and injecting code into modern games with Cheat Engine, and the workflow is generally searching for a variable by value and changing the value (by gameplay) until you resolve its location.
  4. @Brad: Makes sense, but I guess what I was wondering was more along the lines of "Can the player pick up energy on his own?" Obviously, the Fusion Core energy will be bots-only, but once it's been liberated, I mean. Once an automaton goes down, can we store his energy in like a battery and go find other primitives to infuse with life, or is it immobile and we need to carry our primitives to him in order to assemble them? @Bent: You seem to have played games where snipers haven't been designed with good counter play. Go watch this video for a few good examples of how snipers can be interesting to play against. In this game, I'd say it depends pretty heavily on how the balancing falls out. My first instinct would be to have sniper fire be damaging, but not so much that a faster robot with a higher-DPS weapon couldn't take a hit and shoot back if you invested energy. Another idea would be to maybe give Earbot a particular ability to triangulate the origin of a sniper laser's distinct firing sound*, then drop artillery shells from outside visual range. Or you can just make lots of cheap automata to zerg snipers down before they can get through their cooldowns. There's many ways a sniper can be countered, but it depends on the balancing choices. *Inspired by things like this, even though a single Earbot wouldn't really have the microphone dispersal needed for good triangulation.
  5. Interesting stuff. Particularly like the idea of the Mule Nub. If I'm gonna have a bunch of robots around, it makes sense to make them carry my stuff for me. Will the Energy Collector also be something the player can carry and use, or do they need an automaton to be their "battery" in order to move energy from place to place? What does the PB in "PBAoE damage" stand for? I'm familiar with Area of Effect, but that's new to me.
  6. It is every citizen's final duty to go into the tanks, and become one with all the people. --Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, Ethics for Tomorrow I was playing Alpha Centauri yesterday and your comment just really reminded me of what comes up when you build the first Recycling Tanks. It's true that this kind of thing makes for a very challenging and interesting game, and Alpha Centauri is a great example of how it can have lasting impact. Seeing something of the same in Spacebase could make for interesting interactions, especially if some of the aliens go for a blue and orange morality system compared to the human crew.
  7. As much as I have fun with A-Life, I see the reason why nobody makes big-market games about it. It's way too niche. So instead I support smaller efforts like Darwin Pond, Critterding and Grandroids to get my fix. Double Fine might be able to make something interesting in this space, but I question the financial wisdom of trying it.
  8. I can't see how those platforms can deliver on the pitch of a real hacking game either, so that works out OK then. Keyboard is not optional here, IMO. Congrats to Brandon on getting through!
  9. I always thought of crowdfunding ala Double Fine Adventure as being the modern implementation of the patronage system. Back in the day it was a noble who had deep enough pockets to support an orchestra and composer/conductor or visual artist or what have you for his own enjoyment. Now it's a group contributing smaller amounts each, but the principle remains the same. Pay money, support art that interests you, get some extra goodies for making it possible in the first place. How does your vision of patronage differ from that?
  10. One thing I'd like to see in this is a mechanical reason for you to place power-ups. For instance, if you buy your level items using some resource, they could give you more of it. That would at least somewhat explain why this doesn't seem to happen as often as you'd expect:
  11. I'm reminded of Strange Loop's Vessel or Tiger Style's Waking Mars here, as they also focus on making and using the behaviours of automata (to solve environmental puzzles). Any inspiration from that direction? Anyway, the idea sounds right up my alley as I love interacting with autonomous systems and the added bonus of getting to design and experimenting with them sounds great. I guess I'm not as passionate about the art direction as some of you guys, but I can appreciate the surreality of it.
  12. I keep envisioning this as a Babylon 5 simulator, particularly that episode where Ivanova has to deal with the Drazi splitting up into Green and Purple parties and having factional infighting. Really hope it goes through.
  13. A setting for number of posts per page would also be nice. I have a scroll wheel and I prefer using that to all the pagination that comes with only 15 posts per page.
  14. Psychonauts is one of my all time favourite games and the chance to not only get a new Double Fine game on PC but also closely watch Double Fine's production process was just too good to pass up.
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