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  1. Ok, I think that I've gone as far as I can go in the game: - Equipment: can't research Vitamin Hat and Coffee IV Drip - Select and Event: I can't access the bear claw map or toxic factory map I keep fighting the same battles over and over for no real purpose. Every room in my base is maxed, most of the superheroes are maxed, I can't buy any more superheroes, and I feel like the 2 maps are glitches and the 2 equipment items are glitched. What to do now?
  2. I love this game! My only concern so far is that my manager has topped out and I'm not able to do much with him anymore. He can't improve in any way so he just sits in his office and makes a little cash for me. I want to keep building him further because I've got a lot of work on my superheroes to go!
  3. Filming ourselves seems kinda narcissistic... we'll try to keep going with updates on the boards though, for whatever tech stuff people are interested in hearing. I disagree, the kickstarter included funding for the video, so 2PP is on the same level as DF - just smaller. I would be interested to see some editing room clips, maybe a way to incorporate some deleted scenes or reactions to certain shots. Great job 2PP, I look forward to seeing the videos and can't wait for the next v-update.
  4. I missed the group play-through, but set aside some time this weekend to complete the game. I never played DOTT before, I preferred pirates and skeletons, but I'm hoping to enjoy Tim's entire catalog starting with DOTT. My initial impressions, after just completing the game an hour ago, are positive. The multi-character gameplay was brilliant, as well as the concept of sharing inventory items. I also thought that the voice acting was spot on, and made the game even better by adding depth to each character. Humour is a must-have, and DOTT was not lacking in this department. On the other hand, I hate accidentally solving puzzles without knowing what purpose it serves in the game. I found myself accidentally solving a few puzzles without knowing what the payoff was going to be: statue swap, cigar teeth, etc. I also prefer a strict linear approach to control the user-experience. I also found some puzzles illogical: why did I have to read the book to the horse, there was no clue to explain this; I'm dumb about wine so I didn't even think about making it age into vinegar; why did I have to give the crook keys when he was already using a crowbar that would eventually work... etc. So, after playing through, I would look to improve upon the multi-character gameplay, shared inventory (and explain the drag&drop; sharing experience between characters), definitely invest in high-quality voice acting, let Tim run wild with the story and dialog, make sure that puzzles are logical, control the user-experience, and by all means - ensure that every puzzle is solvable at the correct time! Looking forward to the next game in Tim's catalog, Full Throttle? *edit: forgot to highlight a wonderful surprise - Dr. Fred Edison (DOTT) is the same voice actor as Dr. Loboto (PSYCHONAUTS)... that put a smile on my face - as well as all the Star Wars references*
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