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  1. I voted Horizontal (Full Throttle style) and the only reason why is because I was a bit let down on this game. I was really expecting a game like Day of the Tenticle/GF and its cartoon type of look and it's humor. I don't think this game should be grouped with those old adventures Tim shows in the video, those games there are by far a better time for me as an adventure game lover. I'd like to have this one stand out on its own, but don't get me wrong, I don't hate or dislike the game at all. It's probably because of all the hype that I set my expectations to high.
  2. Really enjoying this game. I feel like I have been taking back in time and playing Maniac Mansion all over again! I'm using a controller to play and the game responds perfectly, no lagging on the jumps when trying to leap at the edge of a drop off. Everything is working great so far, going back to the Mansion... I mean the cave.
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