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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there a file of that awesome lumberjack print that would look good as a facebook cover photo? The ones that I'm finding seem to be a little small for such a thing. Yes? No? Possibly? Thanks! =)
  2. -On one of those ships that are in a bottle -A cloud factory -A place that looks really natural, but has magnets EVERYWHERE -A magician's convention -On a leaf traveling down a stream, which leads to a river, which leads to an ocean. -In a mine that harvests the minerals that make mirrors -A park where everything is replaced by symbols that are on keyboards,(example, a bunch of '#'s to make a fence, a '>' and a sideways ')' to make a toy boat) -A place where every door is replaced with a zipper, which in turn takes you to a random place. -Underground, where nothing is seeing the light of day, and all of the fossils are alive and having a grand time (like dino skeletons moving around) -A flower garden that has each flower being a different colored ball of paint, which colors the level as you brush past them -On the 'fabric of space' at the cosmic seamstress' house. Like the level looks like a bunch of cloth all stitched together, but it acts alive. -Inside of a snow globe It seems that being awake at 3 in the morning gives me creative juices. =)
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