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  1. 40k a month is a dream figure for price being asked and the state the game was in when it was initially being sold. It's clearly come quite far, but the comparison you're making- Terraria- isn't comparable on either of those points.
  2. I want to make it clear, I'm not arguing that anyone was cheated, but I do feel that the studio's expectation for the development of DF9 was not well communicated, and that this unintentionally did have real consequences in terms of consumer expectation being out of whack with the internal plan for this game. I'm arguing that intent wasn't clearly communicated and that Early Access was being used in an unusual manner here. I by no means am familiar with everything on Early Access, but every other project I've followed through that model has had a plan to fund itself and reach a "finished" state whether or not Early Access delivered a lot of sales. The Early Access sales in those cases certainly helped the developer with expenses, but they weren't expected to be the only way to bring the product to market. I think particularly with an established studio, which has a history of only releasing completed products, and which is assumed to either have other investment or their own funds available to assist with a project they choose to undertake- this was a surprising turn of events. Anyways, I don't have anything more substantive to bring to this conversation. I'm not trying to twist your arm to agree, or to demand some remedy. I'm just sharing why I, personally, was frustrated and disappointed.
  3. Kestrel- why would you bold that bit from the blog? Are you trying to say that a single blog post after Alpha 1, but not on the main webpage or the Steam page is a definitive statement of intent? Even putting aside that that isn't a front and center place for a potential customer to look (what if you're buying in later, do you expect the customer should comb through all the prior blog posts before a purchase?), that sentence you've bolded isn't even clear as phrased. In the context of that paragraph it could also mean that they'd love to keep working after having a "finished" build if interest keeps up I would hardly call that bolded sentence some "smoking gun" of clear intent. Double Fine may well have meant it as some sort of disclaimer, they may well have had this idea of development that was solely contingent on just the money coming in from Early Access, but I wouldn't say that that was made clear, especially based on your quote.
  4. Tim, Like almost everyone here I'm a fan of Double Fine and want to support you guys. That said, my frustration with your explanation is the assumption that everyone knew this game was only intended to be funded with profits from Early Access, and that the plan all along was to only go as far as that took you- whether it got you to a finished product or not. I don't think most people outside of the studio expected that DF9 was intended to be funded solely through profits from Early Access, and that the product was only ever intended to be a full game if those limited funds would let it. Early Access to consumers is meant to mean preorder & beta (or alpha) access to tide you over and involve you in the creative process, not some speculative gamble where the game only gets made if enough people buy in. Consumers expect EA games may be slow or rough until 1.0, but the expectation is that their dollars aren't determining whether it gets finished AT ALL, nor that 1.0 may get pushed out the door without an actual, fleshed-out game behind it (matters of the competency of any given studio aside). That Double Fine was operating under different assumptions, assumptions which were not clearly communicated to many of their consumers, is a supreme disappointment.
  5. Looks like they've all been grabbed, but thanks so much for your generosity Theowaern. Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow.
  6. on my Geforce 660 Ti, latest drivers, if I get near the wall of speakers all of the visuals get borked whenever it makes a noise. I don't mean some nice effect to show the soundwave, I mean that half my screen will stop rendering until the effect passes, stuff like that. I'll try to screengrab for you all.
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