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  1. I've used the veil Armour to clear up fog of war and then bring in the rest of my heroes to clean up with the hunters. The Explosion Armor is pretty good for alchemists once they've run out of the bombs. I use them as a melee character and it works out well against twitches with the vitaband. I've dealt crits to the twitches with it's ability, pretty good way to keep them attracted to one character. Just got the timefist and my carberjack died before I could use it. (low level) Bone Barb Bow isn't bad when you can line up shots to hit a few enemies but not worth the research time imo.
  2. This sounds pretty good, only problem I can see is that once a hunter gets a decent relic they can one hit most things. So unless the lapses are hidden as well until they attack you can still hid and take them out before they attack.
  3. I agree with the OP suggestion that a game mechanic that allows for disposing a regent from a keep would be helpful, yet I don't believe that it would be good for the game. I had a similar experience where I wanted a character to die and waited 40-50 some years for her to do so. What caused me to want her death? She became infertile after an event and nearly killed off my keeps bloodline that I use for creating sagewights. If it were possible to kill off or dispose of regents then I believe it would take away one of the challenges of the game. Once my regent became infertile I built another keep and recruited more heroes to start a new bloodline. Once she died I married her only child to a young hero and the bloodline continued. Had there been a way to remove the regent then the whole strategy portion would change. So it would be nice to stage a coup d'etat, there would need to be some penalties for it.
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