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  1. I clicked and savored everything I could. I guess I am just too good at adventure games...
  2. It took two years to make something I beat in just a couple hours? Seriously? What I played I LOVED, and I know there is going to be a second part, but if its the same length, I will be VERY disappointed. I am not knocking anything but the time it took me to beat it. The story was awesome, I loved the art, and the humor was great. Please... do your best to make this a longer game.
  3. Hello Double Finers! I browsed the forums a bit and I didn't catch anything about this. I would LOVE to have some of the production team do some voice over cameos throughout the game. As an example; if there is a crazy person, Tim would be perfect for it, if there is a monkey, maybe you could convince Ron to come back and lend a few grunts.
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