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  1. Let me start by saying this: I'm aware this is a stupid, useless question on a sensitive and complex matter, but I wanted to talk about this. And yes, I'm a deeply insecure person and always start my arguments by taking a defensive tone. And also, my english is bad because I'm not a native speaker or writer. Enough with the apologetic stuff. The question is in the title. After playing (hopefully) the whole game, how do you feel about your pledge? Would you pledge more, or less? Are you happy with the funding the game got? What about it being split in two acts? I'm gonna make it a poll but of course your reasons may vary, as well as your overall appreciation of "what ifs" and "what would elijah wood do if elijah could" and other puns, so feel free to make your case. In my humble opinion, and also according to what I got from the doc ( implied, stated or just "hunched" ), there was simply not enough money for act 2. This is awful but I feel like it turned out more than fine (I'm not gonna make that joke, you're welcome), with a decent or sometimes terrific re-use of environments and hints/puzzles/characters from the first act. I really enjoyed this game and got stuck on good puzzles, and if you take it in all together in one playthrough, it's awesome. But if I could go back in time, I'd pledge more. This game lacks something, and I feel like they/you wanted to do more with it, from the section on the left of Mister Huggy to the 3D Hyper Crypt, from the evil guys' back story and culture to the story themes' development. Also, with more money they could've maybe finished it and released it in one go, maybe releasing the first act a couple months earlier to backers. Maybe it could've had a third act, but maybe it would have required too much extra money. You can feel the love and passion behind it, but you can also feel the pain and the anger from these last months of stupid internet trolls and layoffs, or maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm just coping with a minor disappointment, because I'm a spoiled unhappy person that thinks money can solve anything, or maybe the second act lacked "breath" to be truly a great ending to an amazing first act. That's a lot of maybes. I know. There's one thing that I can say without a doubt : you guys are not bad with money and scaling. Those people (what a bunch of bastards) fail to see the awesomeness that you managed to create from nothing, and most of them did not share this amazing experience. So thank you Double Fine, thank you 2PP, and see you next time! P.S. By the way, I decided to buy a shirt from your store and a UK copy of the game DVD. Love that box art!
  2. The video turned out great. I've got a big dumb smile on my face right now. The first time I watched I thought I (we) didn't make it in the video at all (turns out we did, in the "90.000 friends" bit) , but I was still happy and quite moved. It sums up my feelings towards the game and the documentary. Also, in the last few days I started chatting with an indie developer here in Italy and I may soon join their ranks as a gameplay programmer. I mean. God. To help defuse this situation, I made this dreadful video using the magic of copypasta: It features my roommate Edoardo falling like a pro. Again. And again. Also, the original tune is from this video : Big hugs to everyone
  3. Awesome video and editing! Thank you so much for this, and for including our video in the "90.000 friends" screen at the end. The feels. I have them. :')
  4. Here's my stupid question : let's say I just ended my turn in the strategic map, moving troops or building castles or planning bloodlines and marriages etc. If I click on the possible "end turn" button, will I jump forward to next season? Or will it be a week, a month, a year? Or maybe something more XCOM-y, like "until next event"?
  5. Alrighty. About the editing: according to my totally accurate calculations, the "raw" video was 165 minutes long. THAT is a beast. How can you strip it down to a 5 minute video ( or whatever the length you need is ) ? I'm thinking mad editing skills.
  6. I'm in. I've been having a wonderful time with Broken Age and its documentary, knowing that the 2pp guys are in makes me happy. Will they release monthly (kinda) episodes or a standard, post-release "making of" video? p.s. : Also, Brad said "Xcom". p.p.s. : That might be an excuse. Everytime "kickstarter" "double fine" and "2pp documentary" are in the same sentence, I'm in. p.p.p.s. : Not every single time actually.
  7. Awesome. I shot a video with a couple of my friends today and... I'm not talking in it. I'm the guy sitting and holding the papers. Sorry for my horrible writing, at least you won't have to listen to my terrible italian accent. Also, if you want a transcript it should be in the video description. Thanks to Bidiot Bales for the spell check
  8. Can I PM you my script as well? I'm not sure about the grammar...
  9. Now I really regret not bringing my headphones. I'm stuck in a train and my favorite dfer's sidequest comes out. No offense, Tim. I'll just look at the scenery and think about Germany.
  10. Can't we just use Tim Schafer AS the interface? I think a one touch/ simple interface hybrid will do. It will work on phones and tablets just fine as well as the pc .
  11. Yes,yes it's hard to keep the hype. It's hard to keep people interested while not revealing too much. Still it would help if we could throw spaghetti and meatballs at them while they work. I think Oliver would dodge them like a ninja and Tim would make a wig out of them.
  12. PuzzleField IV: Pun Company too. I'm actually fine with Small Offerings but I'd love something that suggests the nature of the game even more. Something like "A Quest for Adventure" "Pledge to Adventure" "Through the looking glass and the money Tim Schafer found there" "The Stakes of Adventure" "Kick and Start Adventure in Space and also Time somehow" "Spectacular Failure" "An Old New World"
  13. Twice Upon A Time is awesome. It may be a bit too long. Twice Upon? Twice? Fifth Postulate?
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