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  1. Hi Oliver, Thanks for posting this talk, really interesting, but I was wondering if there is any chance you would be able to make the Questions and Answer section of your presentation available too? I mean I enjoy your answers here, but it would be interesting to hear what questions the game developers at GDC brought up.
  2. My question is what is the crowbar, which I guess the answer is no What I see when starting the game is the sega logo (on black background), followed by the double fine logo (on black background), then a black screen with the words 'press enter', then the menu (on black background), once I choose continue I see the 'loading', then finally I am put into what I assume is the character selection screen. All I see at this point is a black screen with the mouse pointer and the 'previous' and 'next' text down in the left corner. Once I move the mouse pointer around the names of the characters appear (text)
  3. Hi, I have been trying to run The Cave under Linux ever since it was released, but once I enter the character selection screen I can not see any characters. Instead the screen is black except for the mouse pointe. I also see the character names popping up once I mouse over them, but I don't see the actual characters. I am trying to run the game on my T430s Lenovo laptop, with an integrated Intel GPU. I can play other games fine, including Crusader Kings 2 and Psychonauts. I am also running Fedora. Anyone else experiencing this? I have sorta assumed it was such an obvious bug that if I just waited a bit a solution would appear online, but so far I have not seen anyone else reporting this.
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