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  1. I didn't get any fps drops (gtx 670) but the game is hard-locked at 30 fps. I think they talked about it in the documentary, the engine should be fps unlocked but they had some issues or something. Strangely all the Buddha prototypes behaved differently despite being the same engine. LPBB capped at 30, Mnemonic at 60 and Steed no cap. (I think, my monitor is 120hz and thats the fps i got) Not that it matters much when it's just prototypes, but weird nonetheless
  2. Motioninjoy is a horrible, hacky mess. Try this instead. Just make sure you fully get rid of motioninjoy first as it can mess up other drivers.
  3. Hint: If your LPBB playthrough ended 1 min after that point you didn't see the real ending. The same thing happened to me and I just figured that was the end, but after reading on the forums I found out you can actually get past that part. There is plenty more weirdness to see.
  4. Definitely Mnemonic for me. Gave me that rare feeling of a game that does its own thing entirely. Very excited to see more unique puzzles like the skyline key, had a real "wow" moment when i figured it out. Not to mention the awesome sound design and sweet noir look. I also feel like it can have really varied gameplay since it uses dream logic and things only have to make sense within that context. I'd imagine a full game could have you use stuff like sound, emotions etc in super cool ways, not just restricted to pattern matching. You've got a real unique idea here DF, make it happen!
  5. Yeah same thing here, swedish keyboard layout. Luckily i know where the US keys are after 10+ years of playing Quake (which has the same issue in the console) so wasn't a huge problem. hint: "?" is shift + the key to the left of the right shift button. (on my keyboard it's a "-")
  6. Yep, same here. Using the Steam launcher complains about steam_api.dll missing while the "no launcher" option does seemingly nothing. The humble download version works fine.
  7. The actual theme and story could definitely be interesting to explore further. Also animation and tech was good (except for the weird 30 fps cap). And it looked beautiful. However the gameplay was just not engaging at all to me. The chat system was obviously an impossible undertaking for 2 weeks but I really can't see it working to the game's advantage even on a full project. It might not be Pen's vision, but I'd definitely prefer some sort of dialogue tree instead. Now the gameplay consisted of trying to guess what phrase would get Big Leg to stop standing there and let me into the house. This also kinda ruined the well-written dialogue since I quickly got frustrated. The poking might be OK with more dev time, but I can't really imagine doing that for more than a few minutes. tl/dr: Setting was nice, but would need vastly different gameplay to be enjoyable.
  8. The grass is seriously some of the best I've seen in any game ever, and it's a 2-week prototype... And it runs at a rock-solid 120 fps which is pretty damn amazing considering the other prototypes are locked to 30 (LPBB) or 60 (Mnemonic). Extremely impressed on the technical side. Gameplay-wise it's decent. It feels a bit more like a "regular" 3rd person game than I had hoped, but on the other hand it's an extremely solid one considering the short dev time. The back kick feels great, the front one is a bit janky but hey, prototype! I do think the horse as a main character is interesting and it could definitely benefit from getting the full game treatment. Good job everyone on team Steed!
  9. Hi and thanks for an awesome job on the prototype! Had a problem with the settings though. If I lower the sensitivity to anything less than default, the mouse won't register any movement at all in the game. This is a bit annoying since i have a high-dpi gaming mouse and the default sens is really high. Not a huge deal since it doesn't require aiming like an fps, just a minor annoyance. Reporting it anyway since I had the same issue with Autonomous so I'm thinking it might be related to the Buddha engine itself.
  10. After playing all the prototypes, this was by far the most original and promising one in my opinion. Obviously 2 weeks is not enough to fine-tune something like this, but it sure does a good job of selling the concept. And it looks amazingly close to the concept art from the first pitch! Given a proper budget I believe this could be a future classic. The gameplay, although unpolished, really felt like something entirely new and managed to differentiate itself from other mystery/puzzle games. Oh and also huge props to the sound designer. That creepy electronic ambience gave me vibes of early David Lynch movies like Eraserhead. I really hope DF will consider this for a full game, I'd buy it day 1!
  11. Definitly Noby Noby Boy for PS3. Made by the same guy who created Katamari Damacy. You play as this weird 2-headed creature called BOY who roam around, eat stuff and stretch out to become longer. After a while you can go report your length to a similar creature called GIRL who stretch out into space. She will then add your length to her own in order to reach other planets. This is an online collaboration, every player's length is added to this one central creature. When she reaches a new planet all players will unlock a new level to play in. It's more of an interactive toy than a game, but it's certainly unique and I think the style is kinda similar to Pen's pitch.
  12. I hope the Khris Brown Sidequest gets a dedicated thread like the others because that was an amazing interview.
  13. Agreed, this feels like it goes against the philosophy of "everyone is equal" which is what I really found cool about AF. Despite the fact that Pendleton apparently didn't have to limit his pitches to 30 seconds I found most of them lacking in explanation and some downright terrible. And yet one of them is guaranteed to be made, at the cost of another. Which is extra sad because overall I found the general quality of the pitches even more interesting than last time. I do realize AF is all about experimenting though, I just hope this particular experiment won't be making a return next time.
  14. Most 3D games can support different aspect ratios with very little effort, but Broken Age uses a 2D viewport. Meaning every supported aspect ratio has to be manually framed for every scene to ensure nothing vital gets cropped or out of bounds-stuff is shown. My guess is that they just went with the most common ratios and accepted some borders for the rest. That said, I think it would be nice to still allow the resolution (native always looks better) but have the game add black borders to fit into 4:3 or 16:9
  15. 1920*1080 is definitly there, I played through it on that. The game probably just won't show it to you since it detects your monitor can't display it anyway. 1280x1024 is missing though, probably because it's a non-standard aspect ratio and quite rare.
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