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  1. I feel the need to point out that even in the kickstarter video that tim openly said that the project could be a success or a monumental failure and ether way it would be documented for your viewing plesure. Considering what you have access to for $100 the documentary alone with its length and quality is worth that add in tshirt game and other things and your getting more then you deserve really. If you dont like the end result it was made very clear that that could be the case in the original pitch. You were well aware that the project was an attempt to make an old school adventure game but might not be well received . Based on the reviews thus far I would say Tim delivered a high end product with amazing art writing and direction. I do agree difficulty could be greater and I miss verbs at least a few.... But that said I doubt you or I coild have done any better so save your drama and negativity for a community that cares.
  2. Anyone else hope that if there are a lot of positive reviews and preorders for act two that they may be able to go back to having a 3rd act like Tim seemed to indicate there would be in early documentary shorts... maybe some ideas that got the axe to mouth treatment will get brought back? I Would Gladly wait for a Act 3 Conclusion if act 2 is nearly as good as act one.
  3. When teleporting back into the central door on the ship if you click to walk on the far right hand side on the wall behind the right hand door before stepping out of the center door shay will walk behind the wall and get lost behind the scene.
  4. Maybe there could be an extra step here somehow? Near miss on first fall? Character sees how close and ajusts drop sexond time through? Im not sure but I agree is a shame to be able to accidentally miss all the funny dialogue.
  5. Not sure if this is a glitch? After you first are told that there is a riddle by the druid folks before they have told you what the riddle is the only option is can you tell me the riddle of yorn again? Makes it seem like you should have all ready been told the riddle and are asking for repeat instead of... "what is the riddle of yorn?" the first time. Not sure if this is the character trying to act coy like they have heard it before but it dose not sound that way based on the tone of the voice acting. Thinking this is a dialog tree glitch?
  6. Come on. Portal 2 Song was funny has heck. And Stephen Merchant had me cracking up most of the game.
  7. Kind of surprised no one put this up yet used to be a favorite of mine. Lots of interesting puzzles in this one.
  8. Dose any one know how beta testing will work for touch games? I would love to beta test on android vertion how do you sign up for that?
  9. Instead of having ever item glow or mouse over hints on tablets I would say when you drag your finger around on screen there should be a area of effect circle that makes items glow slightly when your finger is near them. then if you long press on any item or Examinable background interface have the verbs fan out on a circle around the area that the highlighting effects. that way you could have your standard verbs fan out or in some places extra context sensitive verbs. Hope thats clear what do you all think. also the circle could be invisible or it may be visual like a magnifying glass so your verbs woud fan around the lens and the items in the lens would glow.
  10. I Really love seeing inside the Dev process and I am super happy to hear that this may go open source. I can only say that thanks to double fine it seems that we are witnessing the rebirth of genre that has been lost in the mythical land of Germany for to long. lol I really hope to see some interesting verb tools and am looking forward to see how the ios and android versions will be handled.
  11. I think if the basic code was put out there with even one room from the DFA that includes all the basic features. sound, scrolling background, inventory puzzle of some kind, dialogue... ect just enough that the community could see how its put together, that the community would develop or refine things like interface help docs or new features. The part that most interests me is the fact there are so many platforms going to be supported. Also I think there should be a license fee in some amount to release anything made with it for profit. that way doublefine has a stream of income from games others are making and can use the extra to make even better games themselves.
  12. Very interesting answers so far. Just so clarify I also would not expect to see it right away. they should focus on the game. I would not expect it for free. and the idea of open source in this case is just leave the engine not the artwork up for public improvement if someone wanted to do something with it they would still need to create the assets themselves.
  13. This is just something I'd Like to see happen. Maybe some will agree maybe some will not. Such is Life. I know I've looked at a lot of Point and click engines out there AGS / Wintermute / Visionar ...ect these are all great for what they are designed but I would love to see the new double-fine engine go open source so that fans can make there own story's and release them across multiple platforms Being able to go PC/MAC/IOS/ANDROID with fan made adventures may help the small or new devs that dont have the DoubleFine Star power to get 3M in funding from kick-starter a chance to make there dreams come to life to. I think it would be great after the project releases to be able to release the engine or make it open source so that other great ideas can emerge. What do you guys think. Should a larger community of creative artist gain access to the new tools that may be created?
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