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  1. thanks, that cheers me up again - deep down i knew, fate wouldn't be that cruel to me :-)
  2. damn - two weeks, after i've bought it for the psvita, because i had given up hope for an ios version (which i'd prefered). a little pissed right now - i'm not gonna buy it for a third time. well, first world problems.
  3. I'd love to play Grim (and DOTT) on my Ipad's 4:3 screen.
  4. good idea - i also hate it, when it just skips the conversation (even a little more than not being able to skip a cutscene - which can also be pretty annoying)
  5. i got the same issue but on the ps3. (played with twins, scientist and time traveller). i played the trial, bought the game (without leaving the game) and then encountered aforementioned bug. exiting and restarting the game / ps3 didn't help, so i started a new game (with the same characters) - that worked.
  6. -time-reverse, slow motion world, 4d world -noise level -womb/birth level -a world where gravity pushes you up - burgoise level - "unfinished"/mockup level - a classroom full of naked people - orgasm level
  7. great pitch video - i wasn't sure if i was going to back yet another kickstarter adventure, but now i'm totally sold.
  8. the h.264-codec of the af100 is actually pretty great for your day to day documentary work - haven't seen the need to record with an external recorder yet. sure, for real filmic work with a lot of sfx and/or multiple layers of color grading it would be nice - but on the other hand - if you have that sort of budget, why not use a better camera in the first place. or invest it in good lighting.
  9. the wait for those games is going to be soooo long. the two guys already got a sort of "demo" running in html5.
  10. i'm in no hurry to play one or the other games first - just keep the game club running and we're gonna play all of them. wohoo! (but as i'm actually playing full throttle and machinarium at the moment, i'd prefer one of those two)
  11. yeah, go for it - as long as it increases the game's budget. i don't care about exlusivity - it doesn't get me anything beyond the feeling of being better than others (which i don't need, because i already am :-) ) - while more money maybe gets me a better/bigger game. why not let the latecomers pay a little more - as others already suggested - and award the kickstarter-backers with something (a few letters of achievement next to their forum-avatar ? so we original backers can feel cheap and smug at the same time - and there's more money for the game.
  12. very nice equipment - thanks for the detailed rundown. i especially envy you for the voightlander lenses, the merlin vest, the mics and the nanoflash. gonna get me all of these one day :-) love the merlin. don't got the vest, though, so it gets pretty heavy on the arms with the af100. (with the "kit" lens i have my merlin set to something like 337mm, hole H, using all weights that came with it (middle: 1m 1f, down: 1 s 5m 1 f , dovetail at 1.9 - including lens hood and handgrips. might have changed that a bit since since i set it up, but haven't got it "perfect" yet. i've already switched to FCP X - sometimes it can drive you nuts - but a lot of other times it makes up for it's limitations with it's simplicity and easy way of arranging and rearranging footage in the timeline. a mac pro update would be sweet. i hope, it happens eventually. having had some good experience with my "hackintosh" so far, but nowadays it's getting slow really soon (especially with fcpx)
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