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  1. I haven't had this problem, though I'm about as opposite in terms of specs as it gets (Windows 7 64bit, Nvidia 560Ti). FYI, your screenshots seem to not allow hotlinking and just show up as text. In retrospect I may have just infected myself from phishing links and will be reformatting shortly since I'm not familiar with that host, but you should use a host that does allow it (imgur.com, etc. ... or just a link to the Steam Community page itself).
  2. Yay! Glad to hear it! And, unrelated, I just have to say: the controller support in this is fan-freakin-tastic! I was super excited for point-and-click because I was never able to get tank controls down with a keyboard (and I'm a PNC nut), but holy crap... with a controller it's spot-on. Every button did what I expected, and I still get to keep the original feel without the awkwardness! A few spots are still a tad finicky with camera changes, but it's a thousand times better than the original.
  3. As a quick note to what Jenni mentioned, I'm on Windows 7 64bit without issues. I DO run everything trusted in admin mode by default though, so that may help. Also, did you install to a non-default directory? Sometimes that ends up being the issue that requires admin mode.
  4. Weird, I'm having no problems playing (getting my plethora of balloon animals currently ). Did you try the 'verify files' install option? I didn't personally, but that may help identify what's going on. What're your system specs and OS?
  5. May want to keep checking. GoG version started downloading a few minutes ago, and the Steam page was updated and is likely downloading as well (despite it having ~14 hours left on the timer last I checked). Not sure how consoles handle timed releases, so I could be totally wrong, but it may be working now (or soonTM).
  6. No joke, no troll. Hope it continues and this isn't just a mistake or something. *EDIT* Looks like the Steam page was also updated with the pre-order info removed, so I imagine it's downloading there as well. I bought the GoG version (obviously), so I can't confirm, but looks like Dia de los Muertos came early this year! (or at least had an essentially midnight release when nobody expected it ). My nethers are all a tingle in anticipation! *EDIT 2* For those late to the party: it's working! Come get your Grim Fandango on!
  7. There are two specific things going on here, the way I see it: - DF needs to get the word out more or in different ways (not necessarily a release date, but simple confirmation about what the game is coming out on and the fact that there *isn't* a release date yet), as current information sources and advertising that's at least effective enough to let people know about the game aren't getting the message across effectively. - Those interested in the game itself aren't being as observant or resourceful/self-sufficient as they could be. In my opinion, and like most things, it's a mix of both. DF can pretty easily adjust some of the bigger advertising/information issues out there (example: with some logos/confirmations in the spots most popular for informing people about the game), and we as an audience can pretty easily take the time to glance around a bit more, do some research, and really pay attention to what we *do* see. If we can all agree to do that, and agree to communicate about potential issues/suggestions/questions with each other respectfully and without instigation or lazy ignorance, then I think there can be a lot of beneficial outcomes and relationships. (there's a life lesson in there too)
  8. Well there are two alternatives. Alt+F4 if you're on Windows, or doing what nmalinoski said: skip the menu screens. I use a controller, so I can't speak to what buttons it would be on the keyboard, but you can exit very fast if just skip the various cinematic stuff on the way out. Of course I would have preferred just an option on the pause menu to just completely exit with one press, but I don't really exit all that often anyways so it's not a huge deal. If you're exiting enough to have it be problematic, maybe wait until you have some decent time set aside to play so it's not only a few minutes here or there.
  9. I too am loving the game so far. It's leaps and bounds further than I anticipated in *every* aspect, as I would have been happy with CQ1 with a few additions. This is definitely more of a sequel proper, and I'm very impressed so far. From the tiny little changes (example: less of a full-stop when swinging your pail, or chat that doesn't advance automatically, or all costumes having rollerskates), to the extra sexy details put into the environments and animations and cutscenes and sound effects, to just... absolutely everything. Originally I was going to say that for some reason it seems I'm getting motion sickness when playing (though I don't usually get motion sick), buuut that's probably due to drinking in celebration of the game coming out Enough babbling from me, I gots more game to play and then replay on a loop! THANK YOU DOUBLE FINE!
  10. YES! I'm going to have to wait to get it, but come November-ish I'll be slapping my cash down hard and fast. Assuming, of course, it doesn't get sold out. Crossing my candy-coated fingers that there will be a decent backstock for those that can't preorder at the moment.
  11. Good, let's stick it to those jerks that decide xmas should be the only focus during 2/3rds of the year! I'd much rather have spooky stuff and decorations be sold early than wrapping paper and overpriced baubles. And even when December comes around, I'd much prefer it in Nightmare Before Christmas form. Was wondering why so few had it on their list in that thread. I think it may have fallen off some folk's radar, but come Oct 31st I think a bunch will stumble on it if they aren't too drunk and/or in candy comas (hopefully... I want this series [and DF itself, of course] to keep going).
  12. I am so excited for CQ2 I'm like a little kid again. I even check to make sure Steam didn't mess up and accidentally release it early because of how stoked I am. I'll likely just keep replaying CQ1 back-to-back until the time finally arrives, though I've got no complaints in doing that Halloween is the only holiday I like but I'm not a fan of horror, so even when it finally comes around it's hard to find fun, themed games. CQ scratched that itch and is one of the few games I replay frequently, just to experience the atmosphere again. The only other games to consistently embrace Halloween non-scarily would be MMOs and online-only multiplayer games, but those are usually seasonal and temporary. I'd rather enjoy a great single-player experience anytime I want. SO thanks Double Fine for expanding the franchise! Everything I've seen and heard about CQ2 has me drooling all over my keyboard, and I can't wait to be able to play CQ1 and CQ2 back to back for the ultimate Halloween fix.
  13. I'm liking the changes so far (and have felt that a customized view of the store has been needed for quite some time), but there are some fundamental flaws in the older features that still exist. Primarily: the review system and how it is used. I seem to recall Newell stating that the review system isn't working as they intended (same with the Greenlight system), yet the new overhaul has left that part untouched while relying on it quite a bit. My main beef with reviews is that they're plagued by people making silly comments, memes, or sarcasm ("LOADING SIMULATOR 2014, GOTY! LOLOLOL"), which is made worse by the whole "was this review helpful" system that has turned into "up vote because it's funny", ala reddit/etc. nonsense. Is there a solution? Well, I've thought of several, but I doubt they're feasible. Mainly, a heavily moderated system that allows reporting and removal of pointless "reviews". Perhaps the moderation doesn't necessarily need to *remove* those reviews or punish that person, but instead just force it to be for friends-list-only viewing so that the general public isn't crammed full of junk. This whole system is a prime example of how the popular vote isn't necessarily a good thing... especially not in the online community where being funny trumps being informative. This problem also compounds the "mostly positive/negative/etc" consolidated view of the reviews, as the more worthless reviews that show up, the more the average gets broken. If the hordes were ruining things before, it's about to get even worse. --- I'm also not keen on popularity being default to actually *new* releases. It bugged me when they made that change a few months ago, and it bugs me even more now. Granted, as you can probably figure from the above, I'm not a fan of what is considered popular for the most part. A simple fix is just letting the user decide exactly which tab is their default. Crossing my fingers on that one! --- Still, I do like the changes overall. I kind of wish they had done a Netflix/etc. style algorithm that let you weed out entire genres, but I completely understand why they haven't done that (gaming tastes *do* change, after all... not to mention an algorithm like that is a gigantic pain in the butt to try and perfect).
  14. I have yet to try the patched Beat Hazard with chill music.. wasn't sure how the gameplay would work. Back in its initial release, chill music was a death sentence because it would be practically impossible to succeed at various boss fights and the like, but most of my beef with BH has been fixed since then, so I'll have to give it another shot. Though, bullethell-like shooters aren't exactly the ideal chillout for me. Pish posh, Nancy Drew books were awesome. Hardy Boys too. And Boxcar Kids. Any series that gives kids the joy of mysteries, critical thinking, problem solving, pattern recognition, etc. is gold in my book. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today... well, the good parts, at least. I haven't tried the games, but I will now. They managed to slip through the cracks of nostalgia somehow. Couldn't agree more with Starbound. I'm just waiting for the next stable release. I've messed with the nightlies quite a bit, as well as extensive mods on the stable branch, but I have an internal max for in-development games to play at once and unfortunately I've reached that limit. But hey, the next stable update is going to be mind-blowingly awesome. Here's to hoping the major mod authors will be willing to update! Going to be giving Kentucky Route Zero a shot in the next day or two. I remember seeing the game, but forgot to bookmark and completely forgot what the name was. Thanks for reminding me! LPBB was cool even in the 'end' for me (that kind of philosophical implication and whatnot isn't stressful for me personally [i've embraced the abyss]). I just kinda wished it hadn't had the forced progression. For the casual passerby, sure, but I would have loved to have been stumped for weeks if not months on trying to figure out how to progress (bugs, incomplete chat botting, etc. and all), all the while enjoying my silly little conversations with my buds (even if they ultimately ended up being impossible to progress with). Also, I <3 hole... the bestest of toothy nightmarish buds. --- Another potentially odd suggestion popped into my head: Shenmue (in particular the fan undub). Yes, it can get incredibly stressful and violent during the course of the game, but just wandering around, checking stuff out, popping in for a quick bite of ramen... gah, why aren't more games based in Japan and freeroam?!
  15. It's an attempt at preventing stuff like "Aaaaaaaappfpg" and just generally jibberish names common among those that hate pronunciation. Essentially an effort at making it RP-friendly even for those that don't RP, in order to benefit those that *do* RP. It's like how some games require a first and last name, no numbers/symbols/etc. Of course it's not a perfect system, but it does make the overall experience nicer when you don't see completely random nonsense all over the place.
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