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    Phil Willis is a Sydney-based animator. He most recently finished working on Happy Feet 2 and is currently lecturing on animation at the University of Technology in Sydney. Phil also writes about Animation on two blogs: http://AnimationIdeas.com and http://Ozanimate.com
  1. Not sure if the nicknames are class-specific, but here goes: Caberjack: Lumberpuncher Lumberpumper Log goblin Timber Schafer Wedge Treehugger Branch bearer Log jammer The Mad Rooter Tree beard Archer: Grandmaster Fletch String twiddler Bowfinger Bullseye String strummer Notch nugget Son of a gunner Alchemist: Beaker The Retortionist Bubble monkey Bunsen burner Grandmaster Flask Pot tosser Liquid luncher Potion pusher Lotion lobber Bad boy bubbler
  2. I know. Wow. 1. Story is unoriginal 2. People aren't going to want to play it more than once 3. It shouldn't be set in a summer camp 4. Humour should be more obvious and play a secondary role I don't know how people could get paid so much to be so, SO wrong. I guess all the jobs for Wall St analysts were taken.
  3. To beta, or not to beta. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the bugs and glitches of unreleased software. Or to wait until the final release.
  4. Great Xmas gift. I got a huge thrill to see the ABC studios in Melbourne. Hey! I know that place! Score sounds stunning! I really feel for Dave G. If its any consolation your new-look moustache and haircut make you look dapper as hell. Keep up the great work.
  5. What tips can you give to make good animation fast? It looks like you're hitting keyposes quickly with some offset in the keys to give simple overlap and settle. Do you have a library of pre-defined poses? Are the rigs similar enough that you can re-use the cycles from one character to another? Thanks
  6. Psst ... Mark Hamill is going to be Shay. Pass it on.
  7. Anyone who gets through an adventure game in 2 hours is probably cheating by looking up the solutions on the internet. No sympathy there. Same goes for other games like Fez or Portal or Braid. They are shorter indie games - true. But if you looked up the answer to each Fez puzzle you didn't get straight away - the game might only take you a few hours. Same for Braid. But why would you do that? Fez took me about a month of playing five to eight hours a week, because I refused to look up the answers on the internet. Does anyone remember the pre-internet days when you had to glean hints from your friends or magazines on how to solve games? It took me probably three or four years to finish The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If I finished Zork I tomorrow, I guess you could say I've been playing that game for 25 years. Tim/Greg - don't worry about the length of time it would take someone who knows all the answers to the puzzles to finish your game. I sincerely hope you're not building a game for them anyway. Think about that bakers who want to spend a month or more living in your world and playing Broken Age and won't be looking at the internet for help. TL;DR If you want longer games - don't cheat by looking at the internet
  8. Jack Black is such a pro. Imagine having the presence of mind to know that he wasn't well lit - so he stepped into the light. So. Professional.
  9. +1 It would be like that part of the Oscars where they farewell all the people who died in that year.
  10. I'm really curious what the expectations (and\or hopes) are regarding this aspect. Maybe Double Fine has their own projections and best guesses, but if they got $3m in what were effectively pre-sales of 90,000 units, you'd hope they could make some significant multiple of that. To be fair, backers were paying $30, $50, $100 or more for their pre-sales copy, but even at $10 a copy it would nice to think Broken Age might sell as well as other indie titles like Braid, Fez or Super Meat Boy (1,000,000 units). Who knows.
  11. If Double Fine was looking to Kickstarter as a way to free themselves of pressure and scrutiny, they were wrong. At least you can have a difficult conversation with your publisher in the privacy of a conference room. This is a bar-room brawl. No-one likes to be told it's time to put down the toys - in Tim's case literally - but someone has to be the adult in the room. I think they're making the right decision. Something sooner is better than everything later (or not at all).
  12. Massive Chalice is being lead by Brad Muir. Broken Age is lead by someone entirely different: Tim Schafer, whom controls the company Double Fine. Brad knows he has a small budget, and therefore will scope the game much smaller than someone like Tim who will surely scope the game bigger and just draw in money elesewhere. The money is still going into the Double Fine bank account. The same bank account that has to pay for 60+ staff every month, so from Tim's perspective, I think he's just doing the best he can to get money in the door to keep the company afloat. Which is noble. I've worked in film and videogames where things were not as charitable. Normally when the project was over or the money ran out, you were shown the door. It's a tough business where you have to spend years making the product up front, and then only get paid at the end - so these guys are working hard to get lots of little (a million bucks is little right?) mini paydays to help them get to a big bag of money on completion.
  13. Agreed. I want this game made just like everybody else, but we're now into issues of trust. I think in future I'm only going to fund projects where they just need money for the "final mile" of post-production.
  14. The more important question is: Was this information known before the Massive Chalice kickstarter? If so, then this is incredibly disappointing. To raise $1m for a new project when it’s clear Double Fine couldn’t deliver a game for $3.7m (plus a $1m from Brutal on PC, plus a $1m from Humble Bundle - I’ve lost count) is playing dirty. I’m calling shenanigans. Honestly - I don’t know if I would have backed Massive Chalice if I’d known this information three weeks ago. I’m not upset by the delay of the game. And I’m certainly not unhappy with the documentary. Heck - I’m thrilled. It’s probably more valuable than the end product. This is a black eye for Double Fine who repeatedly have shown they can’t deliver a project within a certain budget and timeframe. Extremely sad. Please continuing doing the best work you can do, because you owe 90,000 backers a lot.
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