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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first sequel that they have ever made for ANY of their games right?!
  2. So I was just watching a stream were John Bain aka TotalBiscuit of youtube fame, was about to play Broken Age live on twitch. Unfortunately he seemed to have POSSIBLY encountered a bug at the menu screen that caused him to mistakenly overwrite his save file. What seemed to have occurred is, his mouse was hovering over the continue option. He clicked the mouse but for some reason instead of opening the continue menu, it opened the "New Game" menu. Now IN YOUR DEFENSE this particular glitch didn't cause him to overwrite his save file. What happened was he had not realized he had opened the "New Game" option menu because he was talking to his fans in the chat and his wife who was in the room, and due to that distraction and unawareness of what menu he was on he clicked his save file, it asked him did he want to overwrite but he was still talking at the time therefore still distracted and clicked yes and POOF save file gone. So to clarify there is no bug in the game that overwrites your save file that I know of. But there may POSSIBLY be a bug in the game that causes your "New Game" option menu to open when you press "Continue", which IF IT ACTUALLY EXIST could cause others to accidentally due to human error overwrite their own save files. The reason i said you may be getting a lot of tweet about it is because, well, it's totalbiscuit and his fans can be.... erratic.
  3. that was the best metaphor I've ever heard 0.o ... im stealing for future arugemts
  4. Right click to inspect item, single left click to use it on something. ok but it wouldn't be a single left click. Say it was a key and you wanted to use it on a door. You would click the door, then click use, then click the key in your inventory. How is that more efficient than just dragging the key over the door? I could see if it literally was buggy, or physically caused strain in your hand, but I haven't experienced any bugs with it, and its an extremely simple task to preform.
  5. The interface seems to be a big no-no for people and I just can't understand that. Not trying to be hostile or anything but, in what way could it change that would make it more how you would like it to be?
  6. Is that just me? I like the way the game is plain and simple. I see people say they think the interface is clumsy. I disagree. I think the interface is efficient and that old point and click interfaces were clumsy considering you had to click through 4-5 options just to present an item to a character, and then if it was the wrong item, you have to click through those 4-5 options again just to present another item. Here you just click and item and drag it over a character. Takes you two seconds. I see people say they shouldn't have made the game more story focused. I disagree. As a gamer I tend to enjoy games more when the story is the major focal point of the entire game. I think it's the most important aspect of the game. I see people say the game is too short, it needs to be longer. I disagree. From what I'm seeing it took most people around 4-5 hours to beat it. 2-3 for the brainiacs (certainly not me). If part two is just as long it will take the average person 8-10 hours to beat it. Some people say that's two short. I say.... it's too early to tell. I can't fully judge a game until I have played all of it's content because I think the quality of the content justifies the length of the game. It took me 9 hours to beat uncharted 2. Paid 3x for that what I paid for this. Still worth every penny because to me the content of the game justified it's length. So here's the thing. I think anyone who believes the opposite is wrong, but only to me. How any one person looks at design, and the value of a games length and its story is completely subjective. I don't see the flaws you've pointed out as flaws. I see them as design choices. How you feel about those design choices is your opinion but there isn't just one way to make an adventure. I guess I'm just writing this for the people who may have also loved the game just the way it is but maybe they haven't played a lot of point and clicks in the past, and then they come here, see people saying "this isn't what a point and click is supposed to be like" and there whole view changes. If you like it the way it is then that doesn't mean you know nothing about good design. It just means that your preference in design differs from what others prefer.
  7. Hmm I think you bring up some valid points but I can't say I agree with the interface system gripe. You click the arrow click an item and drag it over a person.... what's clumsy about that? And then you have to consider "well if you cant drag and drop items over characters how do you present an item to a specific character"? And every conclusion you will come to is either adding more dialogue options when you talk to them, or adding verbs to each item. More dialogue would require more voice acting which requires more money. Verbs are a somewhat valid option but I'd personally rather drag and drop than [Click Character>Go to inventory>Click Item>Present item] . Drag and drop is WAY more efficient and I never had any problems with it when i was playing. And then you have to consider "Oh darn well that item didn't work whelp lets try another item then [Click Character>Go to inventory>Click Item>Present item]. Why do that whole step process all over again when you can just drag the item over the character in like 2 seconds? And most games aren't designed for using a touch pad. Not saying you shouldn't play the game on a laptop but if you do you should probably get a mouse with it. Not just for this game but any game. I do agree that it's much more story focused than puzzle focus. I don't necessarily agree with the major consensus that the puzzles were easy or that they didn't make you think. I will give you one thing and that's shay's world could have had a little more puzzles in it than it did.
  8. i personally felt that alot of the puzzles were very challenging, and I liked the story so far. I don't think I had a hard time because I'm dumb, I just think people think and process information in different ways. As for the story, whether you found it well written or not is completely subjective to your taste in writing and themes.
  9. after i beat it, i stayed at the menu screen for like 15 minutes just listening to that loop, its so peaceful
  10. Hmm started playing around 4... just finished and its 10 now, thats 6 hours BUT im slow... in da head , So I'll have to say id estimate to be at least 4 hours WHICH IS FINE. Even if the second part is just as long thats about 8 hours. And considering how much it cost, its a pretty good deal... ACTUALLY NO Considering that the game has beautiful art, great voice acting, wonderful music, challenging puzzles, and a well written story ITS DEFINITELY A GOOD DEAL REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG IT IS!
  11. ok i got it now so all i can say is, pay VERY close attention to what the star map looks like and what the scarf for ONE of the planets it allows you to go to looks like, it only works for ONE of those planets scarfs and once you figure out which one alter that scarf as close as possible to the star map, only putting points where there are stars on the map I would argue that it's actually NOT as clear as it needs to be but that;s just my opnion
  12. So stuck again , So I have the crochet knitting thing or whatever but what i don't understand is what pattern am I supposed to be knitting into the thing to get to prima doom? The pattern changes every time and the star map looks nothing like the hexagonical pattern on the wool so I'm at a complete loss here. EDIT: nevermind i got it, kinda by chance but i understood in the end
  13. hmmmmm ok I catch your drift, i actually appreciate that your just hinting me and not telling me, I'm gonna get off this forum now and go search for this "thing" thank you so much
  14. I've been playing for 2 hours, probably gonna be 5 at my pace, if the next part is as long then that's approximately 8-10 hours based on what I see others are saying. And you only spent 15 bucks on the game. Regardless of what tier YOU YOURSELF choose you only spent 15 bucks, anything above that was paying for extra stuff. I'm loving the game so far, it's exactly what I wanted to a T! And if the game only ends up being 8-10 hours at most, that still sounds like good value to me. I've payed 60 bucks for a game that took me 9 hours to beat but imo because of the games content it was still worth every penny. All in all, how you value the time it takes to beat a game is COMPLETELY subjective. You may see a 8-10 game and say "that's to short". AND THAT'S FINE. If you feel that way that's your opinion and it's not wrong to you because that's how you feel. But others might look at it differently and say "that's exactly how long it should be". Others may not even be concerned about the time. They may just look at the content and judge it solely on that, It's all opnion in the end.
  15. wait so your saying i need to get it as small as possible? ok I'll try that then
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